Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Now I can put a face to the posts. Nice to meet ya. That's a great painting J. The understated background works well i think, as does the shadows on the face. Nice shades too.

Hi Jeanette, nice to see you! You look very filmstarish, the pose looks vaguely familiar somehow did you base it on anyone? I agree with everything Chris says about it. Hope you weathered the storms OK on monday! Val

I'll follow what Chris said - just joined tonight & had some lovely things said by Jeannette - now I can see her face while reading her comments - looking not only stylish & chic but very French - I can learn a lot from this pic alone - the understated background - looe style - mine tend to be too fussy & detailed - but only been painting for 18 months - was a draughtsman in a previous existence - hence most work too tight -

Hi Jeanette.No I can't say I've tried gouache, not properly anyway. I got a sample pack of 5 or 6 colours a good while ago but I've only ever really used the white and that was to make corrections on my watercolours! I know what you mean about phases of no confidence I go through them quite often and then I get withdrawl symptoms because I'm not painting. Can't win!My other half knows to keep out of my way during those phases, bless him! Val

I liked this on your Website Jeannette.. As Val mentions a film star look, straight on but not aggressive. Thanks for your comments we seem to see somethings alike.

Well done. Enjoyed seeing this, now I can place your image when I read your useful tips!!

Great painting. As they say, now we know what you look like though I did see it on the website. Thanks for the comment re Bluebird. In reply to is it me? All I can say is 'I wish'. One person has found the Bluebird so far. This is really good. So you can paint portraits as well - is there no end???

The cigarette adds character and the right ambience - I'm stricly a non-smoker but it seems different in France somehow and doesn't bother me a bit when people smoke in a bar - you may have noticed a few smokers in my pic "Boules a la Plage"

You might see this one appear in oils in a week or so - along with a "hat" portrait - I really like it.

Nice vigorous picture of you. Thanks for your kind words about some of my efforts! John Hunter.

Thanks for your comments about my painting Last Dip of the Day. I love the vibrance in this picture - you do look like a film star! I tried goache ages ago but prefer acrylic because I tended to make very muddy pics with gouache. I particularly like your hair blowing in the picture - you don't often see that in portraits. They are usually quite static. You've given me food for thought!

hi, thanks for ur kind words on my paintings, i like all ur paintings

Thanks for your comment on my pictures. I too can now put a face to the name. I will have to try a self portrait and include it on the site but I don't think it will have the moment of yours which I like as well as the strong colours Stuart Fairlamb

Thanks Jeannette for your comments, tried not to focus much on the young girl's fingers because they turned out like sticks. Never heard of the phrase ' Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth'. Perhaps you'd use it for a cold or cheeky person? Lorraine

Thank you Jeannette for your comment on my After Pablo Neruda. I used the artist name search and it only shows your portrait, which is GREAT, the pose, the cigarrette (I still miss it after 10 years, ha), the hair and the lights and shadows. But with the side bar I had the complete portfolio of each artist. Anyway, Miami is AWFULLY hot and humid, stormy and.... it will take a while to adjust. :) On the good side, it is very young and hip. It forces me to keep up....

Hi Jeanette: You see I finally found the way to view these galleries.. Nice to put a face to the name.. .. Lovely work with concise and effective brush strokes. Love it. John

hi there,you look like a young jane fonder,very nice self painting,i could not paint my self(not anough paint to make me look good)lol.i still have the wishes chris

Many thanks for your comments I`m inspired to paint as soon as I can now..

Very inspired by this self portrait. Truely beautiful. I get to see the lady behind the supportive comments on my paintings. I just had a looksie at your website WOW! Very impressive. I love the way you've painted this, you look very relaxed and in holiday mood. ~ Anni :)

Is this you? Wow! You really look smashing! You really need to keep this going- I love the mood!

Jeannette, thanks for your encouraging comments in my gallery. There is something rather beguiling in self-portraits, they tend to be more honest than portraits of others when we can err on the side of flattery. This is a great pose, and expresses a great deal about yourself - all positive!

hi Jeannette you look like a very pretty lady.thanks for the comments and think your artwork is really not great with gouache and figure work myself but you have done a great job from what i can see.anyway keep up the great work cheers connor

I like this portait very much. Were you being "blown away" by the Tramontane in Argeles?!

Yeah thanks for the memory !!!!

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Sitting outside a cafe in France - Just before I gave up smoking. I left the cigarette in because it's a dying art!!! Gouache visit me on

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