Mystical Night - Venice Festivale

Mystical Night - Venice Festivale

WOWWWWWWWWWWW Jeannette. A stunner. Very eye catching.

Like this Jeannette, beautiful figure and the mysterious background is great

I was missing your work. Love this one! The lights in the night are sooo good! and everything else.

Hi Jeannette, as Beatrice says a stunner. Love everything about it from the detail on the figure to the colours in the reflection of the lights. Very eyecatching and different, it's sure to sell.

Thank you all for you wonderful comments. You are always there to give me a boost. Thanks Jeannette

So sorry I missed this lovely painting, not only lovely but perfect. A great background with lovely colours.

Thank you Jeannette for your comment on my still life. I tried to search you and other artists on the bar and also got "no results". Now I google all of you if I want to see the portfolio. Why would they change the sidebar?

Wow! As the others have said. Fantastic! I love the background, the whole thing is very good. Thanks for your comments on my latest pic. it is always so nice to get feedback, though I worry a bit as no one tells me what I should change etc. and I hope people aren't being too kind. You (and most of the other artists on this site) are way better than me so I could always do with some help. Please don't stop saying the nice things too though????

Hello Jeannette, Funny thing, I am not American, I could say I am homeless. I was born in Argentina from German parents. 22 years ago my husband (italian roots) was transferred to New York by his company (international bank) where, after a hard + difficult adjustment, I finally fell in love with the good, exciting side of the city. I worked as a CPA, I worked in politics (...), I raised a family, I travelled the world and landed a little over a year ago in Miami, Florida, which I am not very fond of. Once again, following my husband's job. However, I enjoy dedicating myself full-time to paint for the first time in my life. This is what I always wanted to do. So I am starting to show and sell, although shyly. The arts here are in the opposite side of the spectrum of New York. I need all the encouragement I can get, so I really thank you for that. You've been of great help! Nora.

Ohala, if I could paint like u..... I would be so happy. Marvellous work...don't know but I find something 'sexy' about it.....may be crazy...:-)

Very eye-catching, Jeannette - as usual!

I thought I had commented on this one but must of been another one, any way its lovely, magical, mystical, gorgeous painting.

Hang on Studio Wall

A mask from Venice. I wanted to give the painting a little mysticism. Hence the couple just coming into view on the right. Acrylic on canvas

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