Impression of Degas - Dancer

Impression of Degas - Dancer

Another lovely ballerina painting. I like the effect of the white ballerina dresses. You really work fast. It takes me a few days to finish a painting. Well done

Dance is a popular subject a nice pose Jeannette

Wonderful as always Jeanette you make it look so easy. I have tried this mixed media but have always fale to achieve any real results. Anyway love your work.

I love Degas but couldn't even dream about using his methods & media - I take my hat off to you Jeannette - I play it safe with oils - if it goes wrong you can always scrape it off & start again or paint over it - not quite so subtle as pastel/watercolour - great stuff

This is my favourite. The colours are wonderful. Pastel is nice and fast to work with, isn't it? Must try one of his, but I have all the ideas rushing round in my head for watercolour paintings and only give myself about an hour a day to paint, though I would paint all day if I could. How is your garden growing?

Blinken heck Jeanette you have been busy, thankyou for the comment, I am pleased with me being inspired by degas I have inspired others to do his work, you are doing a marvelous job on them too Jeannete, ---sorry I have not been around I am on with commisions, and two paintings for competion , email me and I will send you details of it.

Hang on Studio Wall

I owe this to Jennifer Blenkinsopp who through her work has made me really see the beauty of colour through the Impressionists' artistic work. Mixed media watercolour and pastel.

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