Alliums and Lupins

Alliums and Lupins

Glorious colour on such a cold grey day, a tonic!

You must do some more they will make you rich!!!!!

Money does not make you happy, but this one does.

I mean me not you.

That's a great technique. Superb. The blurred edges keep forcing my eyes back to the subject.

Has the WOW Factor and the XFactor :-)

What a welcome and beautiful splash of colours Jeannette !

Just gorgeous Jeannette

Thank you all so very much. I was a little unsure about the blurry edges. I think it was the heat and purely an accident. It did seem to give the painting depth. It's on a wall somewhere and I hope it gives them pleasure. I'm not sure If I could get the same effect again. I put it in the exhibition as a filler! Just goes to show!!!

Love the soft focus effect and the lovely colours, not surprised it sold. Can't wait for the garden to spring into life again as I'm desperately short of inspiration. Justed wasted yet another day staring at a blank colourfix sheet on one board and a watercolour sheet on another. I seem to have lost my mojo these last few months! Help !!!!

Just beautiful, so soft and have gladdened my day! Next stop...Spring!

Beautiful! A really lovely painting...I have had a good look at it on full screen, and ...WOW!

I love the blurry edges and the colours, the orange really contrasts well with the purple. great image Jeanette.

Oh Jeanette this is lovely. I love Aliums.

Wow! What a lovely painting Jeannette. No wonder it sold.

So ethereal .............. Really love it!

Fantastic colours! I like the almost abstract design of the painting and the way the flowers are woven together. Lovely.

I missed this lovely painting, haven't been online for several days, very busy preparing for my advanced level exam in art and there's lots of studying involved too, I find that at my age, it is rather difficult to memorise things. This has lovely colours and a great blurry effect.

I just love this one, most of all the 'blurry edges'. I am trying to paint sort of abstract. acrylic paintings at the mo. at the same time as my usual ones. It is fun, but I am not doing all that well. I am trying to get lots of texture into the pictures. I haven't been on the site for ages and there are such wonderful artists and it is all so inspirational.

Hang on Studio Wall

I painted this last summer in my garden - white & Mauve Alliums, White Lupins and Potentilla. Painted in acrylic on a very warm day. So painted very quickly! It sold just recently and the poppy. Spring will soon be here - I hope! Acrylic on Bockingford paper 425gsm 20 x 16"

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