Grand Cafe

Grand Cafe

No, but you made a very appetising meal of it, Jennette! Lovely vibrant colour, and a complicated subject to work on. Great atmosphere...very well painted.

Merci Jeannette ! Love this painting. Very French feeling and very Jeannette's style. It seems that you have enjoyed painting this picture it is full of life anc colours. Great work !

Very beautiful, colorful and full of the sunny side of life. Fantastic piece!

This is so full of life, I wouldn't have known where to start on it! Just had a disasterous hour trying to paint and then I log on and see this little gem, made me feel even worse. Thanks very much! LOL (Can't help but love it though )

Definitely NOT a knife and fork job. A lovely painting; fresh and lively. I'd just query the angle of the nearest man's legs. he looks a bit twisted.

Beautiful - so true to life. Just back from Argeles where unfortunately it rained buckets!!!! You really are a very good painter, mastering more than one medium.

Thank you so very much for your kind comments, Ruth Beatrice, Branco,Val (I have had the same problem we all suffer for our art) Diana, (The left leg is a swipe with my pallette knife not noticeable in life) Avril you know what it is like in Ceret so praise indeed. I tried to capture the sunlight splashing through those Plane Trees. Val, I started with the trees, Left balcony, sunshade and the foreground people then line up with my eye from there with a little under-painting. Then the fun started!

Hi Jeanette, I think if you had used a knife, fork and spoon it would still have been a winner! The cheerful colours and that lovely dappled sunlight.............. wish I was there.

Well Jeannette, you have succeeded in transporting me to Paris. It is so full of life and you have succeeded in capturing the "Frech" feel. Very well painted. Many thanks for your kind comments on my paintings, as usual, they are very much appreciated.

What a delightful painting, such bright cheery clours, fantastic painting.

An intimidating complex scene handled masterfully! The lively strokes and brilliant color allude to a cheerful ambiance. I hear another sigh of envy.

I can instantly guess that this is your painting, I really like this style, where you use lively colours, not too much details but at the same time everything is clear.

This is a lovely image Jeannette, so much atmosphere...Great work...Steve.

Hi Jeannette, I just noticed that your painting or some of them are from the the places that I know very well. I have also made a painting of Ceret market but sold it long time ago so I can't put it in my gallery. Your painting is very good and the colours are really realistic and I also love the feeling in it.

What a superb set of portfolio's, if thats the right term?

Hang on Studio Wall

Le Grand Cafe - Ceret France, had coffee there many times. One of my favourite places in France. They have a smashing art gallery just up the road from the cafe. Painted in acrylic using knife, finger and paintbrush, I nearly typed knife, fork and spoon, don't say it looks like it?

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