Reflections in a Glass Table II

Reflections in a Glass Table II


Agree - now, did you move the base or the glass- need to look at original to check

Yes now that you have corrected it, it seems much better, but the original one didn't hurt the eye mind you. Well done, Jeannette.

The magic of acrylics, looks good just like a hand made old glass.

Very good! I like doing glasses myself. John Hunter.

Brilliant job Jeannette. What size is the canvas ?

I missed this one, very well done!! the glass, the reflections + the shadows. ps: I answered you in my still life. Should I answer here?

wow Jeanette this is Stunning, the glass and reflections are perfect, which acrylics do you use, ?

Great work on the glass Jeanette, they look old and fab

A wonderful still life Jeanette, Mike.

Thanks for your comments Jeannette, yes I started to like pastels, I think they are very quick and easy to use. I hope to see your work very soon and wish you good luck with your garden

The glasses look real. Very impressive.

don't know how I missed this. Beautifully done and just like handmade old glass. The transparency is superb.

i really like this one Jeanette.... it really sparkles with light

Superb Jeantte...i love the way you handle acrylics....the jewel like transparent colours are gorgeous. kind regards irene.

very very nicely done fabulous painting and so so! how spooky that you have a sister with the same name.......and with the y-a ....di di do di di ....(spooky music) LOL!......yes we all sell our work I have sold three last week...but as you have said with the other site's haveing the work that people wwant ..but if you don't put out there they can not see or buy it....RB is FREE not Fee's they do all the work and you get paid the commision.....but the community is so encouraging and supportive it's amazing and they will help you if you have any problems and you can team up with say photographers and interprit there shot to painting ..but always ask first.....zazzle is very similiar and yes I sell there to...I do well with t'shirts...if you need help please feel free my friend to e-mail me [email protected]. and I will try and help if I can..yep! I have had a wonderful gaze at your site....keep up your lovely work and exibitions and let me know if there is one near me.....nighty night Tracey-anne

Love the hues you incorporated in to the glass to make it look like a red glass

Love the shimmering colours of the glass and reflections and an interesting composition. Great work.

This is a superb piece! I'm glad I saw this. I love the colors and the sparkle of the glasses.

Hang on Studio Wall

I posted so that all could see the mistake and now it is rectified. Acrylic on canvas

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