Demo on Tips and Techniques.


I think you have done a great job of this, Denise, well done. I thought it was Alan s painting when I saw this. Interesting demo.

Yes, an excellent piece by Alan, and this is a very good take on his demo. I agree about watercolour, there are times when you don't want interruptions, but you've done very well here.

A marvellous interpretation.

A really good interpretation Denise , I agree visitor can be so distracting, maybe we should have a notice with visiting times .

Very well done, Denise!!!

Sometimes an uncompleted work has a freshness that marks it out. I think your visitors may have been a blessing in disguise.

Not ruined at all. I think you’ve done really well.

Thanks very much Lesley, Lewis, Stephen, Paul, David, Tony and Christine.

Fantastic work Denise, in spite of the interruptions.

Well done, Denise. I like the colour palette.

You’ve done a smashing representation of the demo Denise, with your own added mark and style. A great route for learning techniques and applications…..everyone has a different ways.

Good work, Denise, despite the interruption. I love pen and wash sketches.

Very much appreciated Carole, Val-Irene, Ellen, Fiona and Jenny, don't get me wrong, I like visitors but now I've found art, I much prefer it.

Great to see somebody having a shot at this Denise! I tried to keep it simple, and you’ve made a good attempt at it.

Sorry Denise missed this one! I reckonise your painting. I think you're done a great job at the demo 😊

Thanks Alan and Faye, very much appreciated.

Really well done Denise!

Love this one Denise, and we always learn from a repeat performance!

Attractive palette love the simplicity Denise.

Hang on Studio Wall

Alan Bickley has a great demo in the techniques section. I didn't do it justice as unexpected visitors called right in the middle of doing it and my concentration was lost. I feel I didn't get the right light or washes. I do intend trying it again and giving it full attention. It can be irritating when people call right in the middle of doing a watercolour when you really need to work with some continuation. I feel the whole thing was ruined because of the interruption

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