Looking Out

Looking Out

A sensible thing to do Marjorie, not that I do often mind you. This is superbly painted and those reflections are wonderful.

Very polished Marjorie 😁

Beautiful painting, Marjorie - I particularly love the vase in the middle... great use of light and shadows in this painting.

Wonderful painting, Marjorie, great skill and beautiful reflections.

Lovely painting, those vases and reflections are wonderful.

I've just done a pencil still life sketch. After seeing yours I think I'll just leave it at that. This is terrific, Marjorie, can't wait to see the 'finished' article.

Beautifully painted Marjorie, marvellous work!

Lovely piece! Great sense of light and of inside warmth against external cold. Beautiful accomplished work.

Thanks Alan - I'm happy with the bottom half...thanks Dennis, Jan, Cesare and Andre. Don't say that Willie, we are all too self critical. Margaret and Thalia, thankyou!

Beautiful Marjorie, the glass is very good with reflection of the outside. Very nice colours on. The table top.

This is a great painting, Marjorie.

Fabulous shapes, colours and reflections.

Super work, Marjorie. I haven't a clue what else you intend to do with it, but I'll watch with interest. Always a pleasure to look at your work.

Looks lovely Marjorie. Very well done.

Lovely work once again Marjorie.

So perfectly symmetrical and the glass bottle is so glassy. Really nice composition.

Posted on Tue 06 Mar 17:31:17

Thankyou all - Lewis, I haven't a clue either. It's that old chestnut, when is it finished?

Wonderful painting, Marjorie, which looks sensational from a distance. (No offence intended. *smile*) Beautiful composition in a seemingly beautiful location. Great work. Brian

Thanks Brian, I know what you mean.

I think it is perfect right now.

You really are just gooder than good at these? A delight .

What I call a classy painting Marjorie. It's lovely!!

Aw shucks, Skylar, Sylvia, Louise - thankyou!

Lovely work Marjorie...Love the glass...

Good work Marjorie. Lovely pastel colours.

Great light in this, and it has your signature soft feel.

Thanks Linda and Gudrun.

Beautifully painted as it stands .Great reflections.

Beautiful, Marjorie.

The light and reflections are lovely!

Dawn, Dorothy, Maureen and Jenny - many thanks.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 60cmx60cm. Stopping here for now, don't feel it's finished but I need to step away for a while.

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