By the fireplace


Looks stunning Marjorie.

This is really good and that polished table/marble top is particularly good

A beautiful painting, Marjorie - so pretty and pleasing to the eye... I love the composition and the colours, and it looks finished to me!

Very good and great reflections.

Lovely painting Marjorie, you can feel that papery thinness of the Honesty and i love the reflection of the hearth!!

Superb Marjorie!

That's a beauty, Marjorie.

I'm too close to it to judge it properly, if you know what I mean. Your views are appreciated, thank you all very much.

This is absolutely stunning Marjorie I could fill a page praising every detail , it’s a masterpiece .

Marjorie, a fantastic piece of art! It’s beautiful in every way.

Lovely painting (I'm very envious of the fireplace as well)

A painting that catches the eye ,

A lovely still-life Marjorie. The Honesty 'pods' look as if they are about to broadcast, and your reflections are just right. Reminds me of when my wife filled the garden with this delightful flower; she thought I was joking when I told her how 'invasive' it could be. All grown over with brambles now. Nice blackberries as a 'bonus' though! Regards John.

Paul, Hilary, Fiona, Anne and John, many thanks for the comments. Honesty springs up all over in the garden in Spring but I do pull most of it out. I do love the seed pods though.

Goodness me Marjorie, this is a bit good! I love the predominantly neutral colours with that orange ochre in that rather gorgeous fireplace.

A beautiful still life Marjorie.

A beautiful painting Marjorie. What a shiny hearth you have!

Very much appreciate the comments Angela, Alan, Sarah and Diane.

Absolutely stunning

I think this is truly amazing, the reflections on the hearth are superb.

Really beautiful subject Marjorie love the honesty.

Beautiful, Marjorie, love the honesty - and all the blues with that touch of orange on the fireplace.

An absolutely stunning piece, Marjorie! Love the layers, the light and the composition. Superb work!

like it, must have taken time to paint. The background is very good.

I must admit I wasn't sure that anyone would be interested in a fireplace so thank you all very much for the comments. David, it didn't take long to paint but the honesty was the longest part. I know how much I've learned from this, too - if I repeated this ( maybe something similar) I would tackle it slightly differently.

This is gorgeous. As you know I am not into still life really, but this is different.

Beautiful Work! I love your palette here.

Gudrun and Skylar, both very kind, thank you!

So lovely, Marjorie - great painting

Thanks Maureen. I'm still fiddling with it😀

Beautiful painting Marjorie!

Thanks, Christina🙂

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas. 30"x30". Looking around for things to paint...this was my challenge. Not sure if it's quite finished, maybe a few more glazes.

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