The Langdale Pikes. watercolour

The Langdale Pikes. watercolour

Nice painting Malcom, the quiet and cold atmosphere is very well met.

Posted by Holger . on Fri 10 Jun 06:47:24

Thank you Holger your comments are much appreciated.

Really lovely style Malcolm, a fabulous painting of those Pikes. You must have had some wonderful travels.

Lovely strong work Malcolm, those peaks are really robust and realistic.

Nice painting Malcolm has caught the atmosphere of the place, well done

Just lovely Malcolm. My kind of scenery (unfortunately I live in a big city). It's a lovely composition and the season is well captured. The birds add a nice touch.

Thank you so much Carole, Stephen, Dennis and Henry your comments and observations are really vy much appreciated. Yes Carole I have been very lucky in my life to have had the opportunity to travel into fantastic mountainous and various types of wild country including desert but I have always loved coming back home to our hills and moors.

You know the love of the mountains, hills, wild wide open spaces and generally the earth, comes over so much in your paintings Malcolm. I have to say that I think this is the best mountain scene you've posted, it's gone to the top of my list!

An eye catching piece Malcolm, great mountains and lovely texture in the foreground.

Fiona you will never know just how much the first part of your comment means to me, it goes straight to my heart and soul because the mountains and the land are everything to me and thanks for saying it's the best I have posted that was a bonus, very much appreciated. Thank you so much for that lovely comment Val it's nice to know that now and then we do something that stands out, much appreciated.

Great work Malcolm. They kind of throw out a challenge to me. I've had to decline it. Enjoy your walks and art.

Thanks very much for that Michael much appreciated.

You have excelled yourself here Malcolm. It stood out out for me on the page. As Fiona says, it's your best yet.

Marjorie your comments are always welcome and much appreciated thank you.

Wow, Malcolm! I cannot walk up hills or mountains like these, so I take my hat off to you for doing it. It must be magnificent to see all the sights you must have seen over the years. Lovely Autumn shades in this, with obvious frost making it chilly. lovely.

Thank you so much Jennifer, even though the Pikes are not that high or technically difficult in relation to things I have done, as I have sai they are still some of my favourite hills. But these hills are still major achievements to lots of people and everyone who goes on the hills and loves them should never believe they are better than others because they he been higher and further, we should all go on hills of any size because we love them and do it to the best of our abilities and capabilities. I will reach the stage of sitting at the bottom and looking up as everyone will do at some time, age and health is no respecter of ambition, sorry for that little ramble just I have deep feelings about things like this. Thanks once again, much appreciated.

Malcolm, this is a beautiful painting! You have tackled the different colours wonderfully well. I feel as if I am there!

Thank you so much for your comments Beatrice, very much appreciated.

Hi Malcolm, are you still struggling for inspiration? It can't be subject matter, I know you have a treasure trove of that, so it must be's lousy isn't it. I've just had a month or so where I couldn't even pick up a brush, that's why I've tried the pastels. I think it's given me the incentive to do 'something'. We could always go for a 'challenge' not. I'm sure you will get the passion back soon, just wanted to let you know you're not alone.

Hi Fiona, yes the creative juices are as dry as the Gobie desert, after the Langdales thought I was on the move but nothing. Maybe another ' challenge' is what I need , who knows, it's a little like certain climbs you try time and again and cannot get past a certain spot, then one day you just seem to find that tiny hold that was there all the time and move on and up.

I like your composition as well as the colour arrangement! Great work Malcolm!

Thank you very much for your comment Christof, it is very much appreciated, this area of hills is one of my favourite places in the world, at least when there are few people around that is why I enjoy winter.

Hang on Studio Wall

Returning to my normal way of working again, this is a painting of the Pikes of Langdale seen from over Elterwater. No matter where I have climed and Trekked in both this country and the high mountains abroad, the Langdale Pikes are still at the top of my favourite hills list, mainly in Autumn and Winter when there are fewer people around and in Autumn you have those amazing Lakes colours.

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