Old mossy wall. Pen and Wash sketch

Old mossy wall. Pen and Wash sketch

Thank you for your kind comments Malcolm on my standing stones. Can I make a wee bit of a critique on this one? I almost feel that you have tried too hard. The colours are lovely and your pen work. But somehow it&#39;s got too squared off. . Like me you paint the world around you. Some work some don&#39;t. What the heck it&#39;s all about enjoyment. <br />Have you found Urban Sketchers yet ? Try googling them and see what you think .

Could not agree more Sylvia, I was happy the way it was progressing then before I knew it, it had turned into this over heavy thing, not at all what I intended. You are right about squared off, the wall on the left actually dips on the original photo and blends more on the right, so why did I produce this? Who knows. But thanks for your comments much appreciated and yes I have found Urban Sketchers but do not know if it is my kind of thing. Thanks again.

It&#39;s easy to get hooked isn&#39;t it Malcolm. Like yourself and Sylvia I think the wall is a little over done, but......what a tree!! It&#39;s super, I think this could have made a brilliant little sketch on it&#39;s own. The blocked ink on the left and under the branches and the uneven and squiggley lines indicating the rough bark of the tree......love it!!

Thanks for that Fiona, you have started something now, dont know if I would be doing this outdoors though, will have to try it.

Hang on Studio Wall

Got the fever now, am having another bash using the dip pen.( late edit I have decided this is a mess but open for critic) This sketch is from a photo I took while walking in the Conistone area one year of a stone wall blanketed in moss at the edge of a wood with a stream in front.

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