Strike a pose

Strike a pose

Thanks Sandra. I did this some time ago and my husband said I should frame it up for an exhibition I'm having in a couple of weeks :)

I love this kind of painting Louise, I would say definitely frame it, I'm sure it would sell, it's very modern and would look great on any wall 😀

Frame from me too Louise. Great stuff.

Simply done, and very glamorous. 'Simple' is the hardest thing to do. Love it.

Very different and striking Louise. Love the earrings.

Very chic darling! Definitely frame it Louise, it’s classy.

Just to add, lots of luck for your up and coming exhibition, not that you need have talent! X

Thank you Linda. It's in a plain black frame now, double ivory mount and not wanting to boast, it looks good :) Thanks Jim, I appreciate that! Thank you Lewis. Yes, they can easily go wrong can't they :) Thank you Carole at least they're not single pearl Thank you Dennis, comment appreciated as always! and thanks to you to Fiona. Nice of you to say that :)

Brilliant image Louise. You have a great style. I still haven't found mine and don't think I ever will. I was heartened by Ellen's submission today of Mary Swanzy, who also used various styles. I still wish I had a style though. You do great work.

Thanks Michael. To be honest, I'm not that sure that I have a style of painting. I look back at old paintings of mine and wonder how I did them or how I had the patience. I could never keep on producing the same type over and over again as I get bored and want to try new things. Having said that though, I have no desire at all to try different mediums. Oil or acrylic doesn't appeal. Life would be boring if we just stuck to one way of painting. We move on, that's life..for me anyway and probably you as well! Nothing wrong with that :)

Thanks Louise, all noted, especially how repition can be boring - change keeps me sane.

Simple but stylish Louise. Good luck with the exhibition.

The girls have become ladies! Fab!

Hang on Studio Wall

pen and wash. 27 cm x 38 cm

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