I'm loving this. I like the push and pull of the negative and positive rendering.

Louise, this is awesome...So creative and beautiful and I am totally impressed

Lovely piece. The colors are beautiful and the negative painting is very well done.

Louise you have justified my faith in your being able to bring your wonderful skill with colour and design to any subject, this is really beautiful .

AAh, thank you all! You're all so kind and cheered me up when I'm feeling disheartened about my Terry&Fiona effort !! Louise

Juicy and lovely. What a great choice of colours!

Attractive painting, caught my eye.

Thank you, I'm so pleased that all the artists who's work I admire have commented so kindly on mine ! Kind regards Louise

I recognised a "Louise" immediately even though it's different from the others. Wonderful colours and design.

Lovely delicate colours. Beautiful and well-balanced design. Lookings forward to seeing more.

Many thanks Avril and Olga ! Regards Louise

Louise, they are all right: this is sooo beautiful. I love the composition, your drawing skills and the colours you choose! Stunning work!

Lovely painting Louise showing that not only can you produce stunning abstracts but can paint representationally too. Yes, I undestand your frustration with Terry and Fiona. I am having a go and can capture their happiness (it oozes through their smiles doesn't it?) but Terry's quirky mouth is beating me!! Jx

Thanks Jean. This Terry& Fiona is getting to me now! So many binned. If I get a reasonable image of Terry, I ruin Fiona and visa versa! Might just give up! Louise

super image and lovely treatment and deserving of the comments

Just found your gallery - thank you for your comment on my kitten and for leading me to your gallery, this is the quality of painting in watercolour I want to achieve but always seem to rush mine and get some muddy colours. This is just stunning. I'm afraid I used white gouache for the whiskers, I have started him again this time I am going to try lifting out for the whiskers as I think it would look more natural, have practised using a flat brush just damp and it seems ok. How long did this wc take you to do ?

Thanks Norah. Not sure how long this took! I tend have alot of breaks when I'm painting so I can't really tell how long it took! Probably a few hours in total. Some of my larger works take days (but with alot of breaks ). I'm rather keen on keeping my paints and water clean though to help prevent the dreaded muddy colours, and take care in a painting like this one to let each coat dry and not push the paint round too much. Nothing wrong with white gouache. I have a large well used tube !! Thanks again for you interest Louise

I must have missed this one - it is utterly gorgeous and so beautifully painted. Fantastic colour choice. Would have it up on my wall in a trice.

Hang on Studio Wall


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