Blind One-liner.

Blind One-liner.

Brilliant, definitely different. We tried painting with the 'wrong hand' at our art club, but I think this beats that.

Well done - that's full of life and movement, with an added abstract quality.

Love it, love it, love it!!! They are such fun! I’ve just done one today and will post in a minute if I can take a photo in this darkness.

Thanks Lewis, Robert and Satu. They are fun to do and I like the abstract shapes that are formed. I might try another one tomorrow and add colour. I'm not sure if I could draw with the 'wrong hand' though Lewis. That's another idea for me to try :)

I like your one-liners Louise! This one is great fun.

Lol....crazy girls! You’ve done a smashing one liner here Louise.

Wonderful! A whole new category is making its mark on Painters online!

Brilliant, Louise. I'm now thinking about starting my next abstract painting this way and see what happens. Bet it won't be as good as yours though!

Thanks Margaret, Fiona, Mathew and Sandra. I actually closed my eyes when drawing this which sounds ridiculous and impossible but the abstract shapes are the result which I know that I couldn't have drawn quite so freely had I looked and not stuck to one line.. It doesn't take long and is worth a go.. even for the entertainment value. Not sure if paint would work as you'd have to keep loading your brush Sandra which might get messy. lol

I can't believe how well this has turned out Louise, quite extraordinary - and brilliant!

Thanks Alan. It does sound to be quite mad but the results can be good :)

That is so skilled Louise, you can do this blindfold!

Great expression achieved so easily

Thanks Carole and Dennis! :)

Hang on Studio Wall

One-liner figure drawing without looking at the paper. Quite an interesting result I think :)

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