Not going out!


Oh dear, but still able to manage a glass or two! Nice one Louise.

A classy looking lady. Your 'and her roots needed doing' made me laugh.

She looks happy with her lot. The glass of red helps hugely, lol!

Chimes in so many ways - I'm going cold turkey with the roots ( ooer, I think )

Thanks all! As well as the ladies' roots showing, I think we'll be seeing a few 60's hippies type long haired men soon :)

Such a waste of elegance. Who cares about roots, it’s supposed to be fashionable.

Agree Carole and it hardly matters at the moment but she'll be at her hairdressers once things get back to normal and so will I :)

Louise thank you for the giggle. I’m coming up to my four week hair appointment arrrrrhhhh......I’ve got my colour ready, my husband has already trimmed the back of my hair, so tomorrow, I may plunged in with the scissors. You won’t be able to tell too much that it hasn’t been done by a professional as I have a bad hair day most days! I always look as though I’ve just got off a motorbike having forgotten to wear my helmet....getting the picture?! Lol And if it all goes wrong, I have a few hats!

She looks a little sad, no doubt missing her friends,

She is the epitome of lockdown Louise. Let my roots go wild many years ago ,my problem is that I know I will look like a woolly sheep at the end of all of this .x

Ho ho - like it!

Love your elegant girls, Louise - even her roots look elegant, perhaps it will set a new trend! (My husband’s hair is getting a bit wild, I’ve offered to cut it for him - or give him an elastic band - he’s still thinking about it!)

She's worrying that they'll be no hair colour left on the supermarket shelves now Stephen. She didn't have many friends :) Fiona, I might just go for the long haired hippy look..a grey version! Thanks Sandra and Thalia. Hope you're both coping with the self isolation. Sylvia, the woolly sheep look might catch on :) When my last hair appointment was cancelled, the hairdresser mentioned that they'd be a lot of elastic bands being used! Keep well everyone x

Thanks Jenny. Good luck!

This really made me laugh, Louise. Great!!!

Thanks Mia. Lovely to hear from you and hope you're well x

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..and her roots need doing :)

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