Front cover-Growing up project-mixed media.

Front cover-Growing up project-mixed media.

I am impressed with our work and what a lovely memoir.

That's worked quite well Lew, I like the introduction of some old pics and the illustration. I don't like the typeface though, and the colour is alien to the rest of the cover. I would have chosen a neutral colour, possibly even white, certainly on the strapline at the bottom. That colour just doesn't harmonise and is competing somewhat. Not criticism, but as a graphic designer I'm bound to have my own idea's. Just my thoughts of course, a fabulous job all round and a great family memento. Well done!

Thank you Gudrun and Alan for your comments. Yes Alan, this may well not be the final version. I've tried quite a few different ideas and abandoned them. But I like this concept, as there's no desperate rush I thought I'd let it sit for a standard position is to have doubts about everything I do. A little time will decide it one way or the other. The font will change, I like it but it's distinctively 1920s in style. The sky is a photo I took, and I've increased the saturation because I like bright color, and thought it looked better. For some reason that escapes me now, I put a texture into the sky...that's coming out. Obviously I've kept the Photoshop file with all it's layers, so it's easy-peasy to change stuff...the big advantage with digital.

Truly smashing ending to a great history Lew. Well done and thanks for sharing it all. Super work.

Great cover Lewis, especially the photos along the bottom. I’m inclined to Agree with Alan on the typeface and colour. It just looks slightly incongruous with the other fabulous colours. I suppose it’s a case of different strokes for different folks.

This is fabulous Lewis, photos along the bottom, those beautiful silhouettes against the rich reds and purples and the fresh, faced impish boy but I’m inclined to agree with Alan on the colour and typeface. I think they are incongruous with the rest of the cover and detract from its beauty.

A grand finale to your project Lew, a great achievement! Love the inclusion of real photos.

Good luck Lewis, looks great.

Well done Lewis ,I am impressed with it all, I wouldn't change anything. As you say there is no rush. Good luck.

Thanks again to everybody for your great and encouraging comments. I had two from Carole Kelly close together...have we got two, or maybe you had second thoughts?? Some difference of opinion about the font and text colour. Some like, some don't. I'm going to change the's one I really like but doesn't suit this. (Broadway it's called...looks art deco to me.) The big advantage of digital is that you can change things easily...the big disadvantage is that you can change things easily. So you keep fiddling. Anyway, as much as I appreciate your comments, I'll do what I like best in the end. (As you'd expect).

I like your cover, Lewis - such a great project.

Nice finish. Re. Type faces, in my experience you round in circles trying different formats until you end up where you started.

I really like the sky and London skyline Lewis. Re the font, as you say it’s your decision in the end, and will be interesting to see what you choose. Either way it’s been a fascinating project truly well done.

A great conclusion to an excellent project, Lew. From everything you said I realised it would be a tough assignment but you've risen to the challenge superbly. Brilliant result and finale to this highly accessible and believable story, one that will see so many people nodding the nod of recognition. Very well done, sir! Bri

Well this was quite something Lew. A great achievement and one or two little adjustments o make, as we all have - but not too much! Well done, once again!

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Decided I'd show some real people on the front cover. I was intending to be lazy and use a photo for the main pic, but the photo was too poor a quality and would not stand enlarging to the size I wanted, so I copied it. It's me at about 6 years old. Not a bad copy. I made no attempt to do portraits in the book, it would have been too much of a grind. So, it's all done and dusted...I'll get it printed sometime soon. The company I use often make offers, as I'm in no hurry, I'll wait for a good one. Many thanks to all who've shown and interest in this, and taken the trouble to comment. (This pic is mostly digital, apart from the drawing of me.)

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