Fred's Dream - Page 23 - mixed media.

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Always interesting are Fred's life & times. So well put together.

Excellent Lew , the story line get better your artwork is alway excellent.

Fred is going to have a LOT of fun I can tell!

This new character is certainly full of spark. Lovely artwork Lewis.

At least their exhibition will not be cancelled due to Covid 19 (well I hope not) - great fun Lewis - and a rod for your own back finding "styles" for each artist. We are enjoying it greatly so thank you and continued strength to your painting arm

Brill, Lewis!

Brilliant. You’ve certainly got the talent to pull off different styles of painting for each artist. I’m watching with interest.

Excellent work, Lewis.

Thank you so much for your generous comments.

Brilliant Lewis, i always enjoy your art and reading the ongoing story.

Posted by Nerys B on Tue 17 Nov 10:28:53

I just don’t know how you do it Lewis. It must be pretty exhausting creating all these interesting characters. Superb work.


Superbly illustrated as always and both funny and interesting to boot, tremendous Lewis

So is the six months to give YOU time to fill the wall Lewis? Lucky the new girl works on big canvases! Great work.

Thanks again for your great feedback. An astonishingly generous comment Andrew. Thank you. I hope it doesn't take me another six months Katy, I hope to be doing other things by then. But it is an excuse to do some odd paintings...not that I need an excuse.

The life and art of Fred! Fabulous, Lewis!

Amazing art and such a compelling storyline.

Consumate Lewis and you should give some of those paintings their own show definitely!

Thanks for the continuing life of Fred. What will happen......

Brilliant characters great story Lew.

Don’t leave it too long before you bring them back Lewis, we will get withdrawals!

Great skill and humour Lewis.

Loving these Lewis.

More thanks to those who've commented. Much appreciated.

Great imagination you have. Look forward to the story continuing. Only wish that the Spitting Image writers had half your talent!

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Not sure when the next page will be done...I have to do some pictures for each artist (the pictures they've painted). I tried some scribbly ones a while back and it didn't look right...still it's fun doing it.

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