Autumn Hedgerow


A wonderful splash of colour Katy, super piece.

The season on mellow fruitfulness has bursted onto the page. Wonderful colours Katy.

So full of colour, Katy. Great job!

Wonderful Katy.

A wonderful burst of colour and radiance Katy.

Lovely collection of autumn fruits Katy, I particularly like the shine on the hips.

Agree with the others, Katy, a lovely burst of colour.

Beautiful, sumptuous colours

Excellent, Katy, joyful and uplifting.

A lovely painting Katy, the fruits look ripe and ready to eat.

What a joyous colourful piece, Katy.

Great explosion of colour with the "light" on the berries / hips.

Well, thank you everyone, bit overwhelmed! It reminds me of a Xmas cake mixture so by chance quite seasonal🤣

Beautiful painting Katy!

A joyous celebration of Autumn, Katy - beautiful colours!

Superb subject matter excellently captured, with a great colour pallet.

Wow Katy this is really cheerful, much needed!

Wonderful range of colours.

So much life in this little square ❤️

Lovely colours and composition.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on board A4. A quick interpretation of recent photos taken whilst walking the dog. The rose hips have been wonderful this year.

About the Artist
Katy Dean

I am an amateur artist. I started drawing in 1993 when my husband bought me a £2.50 book on how to draw. I had just lost my horse after 24 years and needed a distraction. I was earning my living, believe it or not, pressing flowers and selling my work at craft shows. In time I introduced a little…

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