The Apple Core - unfinished?


Up to you, of course! But I think I'd leave it - the piglets are entirely fine, and the single-minded determination of the sow doesn't need any attention being taken away from her. My 94 year old mum, who loves piggies, would love this: and unlike some of my stuff, wouldn't ask "what's it supposed to be?", either.

Thank you, Robert, for taking the time to look and comment. I think you’re right which is why I’ve left it, always afraid to overwork and spoil a painting but never sure if it could be better!

The apple core! The title says it all. Do not get distracked from the important thing! The body language of the pig is brilliant.

Thank you for your lovely comments, Regloh.

Everything works together really well and the determination of the sow is wonderful.

Thank you Heather, it’s wonderful to have this sight for comments and advice.

I love the determination of that wonderful sow. This is a brilliant painting Katy. Don’t change anything.

Thank you Carole, I shall varnish it now!

This is super Katy! Love everything a about it.

Thank you Fiona, for your lovely comments.

Thank you Penny.

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Acrylic on stretched canvas 12” x 24”. Can’t decide whether to put in more background, but I love the pig and apple core, not sure about piglets. The image amuses me!

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