View from Ardbrecknish House, Loch Awe


And you’ve succeeded Katy! Really excellent representation and great tonal values and handling of all those greens!

Thank you Alan, your comments are very encouraging😊

Love the recession you've achieved here, Katy

What a beauty, Katy. Super painting!

Love the way this leads the eye through the landscape

Love this Katy, especially your skill in using different mediums for the beautiful markings.

Lovely lively sketchy feel

What a cracker Katy.....very skilfully done, especially the greens .

Like this a lot Katy, the lossless is excellent and gives it a wild look.

Thank you Thalia, Mia, Hilary, Carole, Dennis, Fiona and Paul for your kind comments, much appreciated.

Yes really nice Katy, agree with every body.

You have definitely achieved what you set out to do. Have you tried wet on wet. If not you may find it interesting. Well done Katy.

Thank you David and Rodney. This started off wet in wet for the main blocks of colour. Then I dabbed and dotted and fiddled. I should try pure wet in wet now I’m getting more confident with watercolour and have some good papers.

Delightful painting Katy. It has depth, contrast and a variety of mark making for interest! Well accomplished painting!

Great use of light and dark and wonderful use of greens!!

Wonderful handling of paint Katy, Those lights and darks establishes the painting and leads the eye around the work which is truly fascinating!

This is really good Katy!

So lovely. It’s loose and energetic

This is gorgeous Katy, love everything about it

I know this has been on here a while but I'm new and enjoying looking at people's work. This really stood out - I think it's very beautiful.

You have posted really good work Katy, I had friends who lived on Loch Awe side and I spent many happy days painting all around.

Hang on Studio Wall

Mixed media, watercolour, ink and oil pastel based on my own photo from recent holiday. I quick interpretation, trying to be loose.

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