Grand old warship

Grand old warship by T O'Brien v2

This is a stunner of a Turner inspired painting Tim. It was a very sad day and you have captured the majesty of the occasion very well indeed

Utterly splendid rendition of the old warrior Tim. You can hear the hooters and the cheers. Lovely work.

This is fantastic, beautifully painted.

A wonderful piece of work.


Superb painting.

A spectacular subject and painting Tim, a real beauty.

Superbly done Tim and quite emotive.

A superb painting and beautifully painted, I was lucky enough to to go aboard her a few time in Gibraltar.

Really good painting Tim.

Thanks for all your comments. Another inspiration for the painting was the scene from Skyfall where Bond meets his new quartermaster for the first time at the National Gallery in front of JMW Turner’s famous 1838 masterpiece: Q: “It always makes me feel a little melancholy. Grand old warship, being ignominiously hauled away to scrap. The inevitability of time, don’t you think? What do you see?” Bond: “A bloody big ship.”

Hang on Studio Wall

I have long admired the work of JMW Turner, especially “The Fighting Temeraire”, so here is my take with HMS Ark Royal (RO7) making an emotional homecoming to Portsmouth on 3 December 2010 following its premature retirement. Inspired by the atmosphere of the Mighty Ark’s silhouette in the freezing fog and the snow on the tugs, I have wanted to paint this scene for a long time and glad I finally got round to it over the last week; plus it is a chance to highlight the work of the harbour support vessels.

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