So so pretty Jenny.

It’s a fabulous design with a harmony throughout Jenny……are you happy with it now?

Wow, Jenny this is a fantastic eye catcher. So very well done.

Lovely colours Jenny.

Worth the wait Jenny!

Beautifully designed, with a gorgeous palette.

Many thanks Sylvia, Fiona, Mia, Stephen and Heather for your lovely comments. (Fiona, yes, I am happy with it now - it was mainly the butterflies, they looked rather naff, have completely reworked them as well as strengthening some of the colours. I quite enjoy the challenge of correcting things!)

And Seok, thanks very much!

Superb work Jenny and so delicate looking , I really do like the way you have laid it out .

This is so lovely Jenny. A great art deco style design.

Really appealing Jenny.

Aww beautiful 😍

Nice design, works well.

A knockout, I just love this style of painting. Beautiful colour.

Love this it’s so original and eye-catchingly beautiful

Beautiful Jenny.

Thank you so much for all the positive comments, I really do appreciate them! I originally did about 10 paintings in this style, and still have four or five which need reworking, so plenty to be getting on with!

Lovely work Jenny.👍

Posted by Bob Hill on Mon 24 Jul 20:59:39

Many thanks, Bob, comment appreciated!

Hang on Studio Wall
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Mixed media, mainly watercolour 26 x 35 cm. A painting I did about ten years ago but was never really happy with it. Have finally got round to reworking it.

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I paint mainly in watercolour, often including other media such as pen and ink, pastel or collage. My main interest is in colour and design and most of my work is quite stylised and often illustrative. I enjoy experimenting with acrylic inks, particularly using cling film to create texture, and…

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