The Road to Toytown

The Road to Toytown

Always interesting drawings Jenny, I’m the opposite to you - rough but I hope expressive.

Thanks, Alan! I do sometimes wish I could paint more expressively (I especially like your line and wash sketches), but have come to accept that it's just not a style that suits me.

Lovely composition Jenny and nothing wrong with being neat, that's your unique style and one that's immediately recognisble on the gallery, 👍😃

Thanks, Linda, everyone tells me that, so I should be grateful for having a recognisable style - and I am, but sometimes it doesn't seem quite enough, but I guess we all have those feelings now and then.

It’s turned into a work of art Jenny, I like the the different transitions through the painting....good stuff!

Thanks, Fiona, I wasn't at all sure about this one!

Looking at your gallery of paintings, I would not use the word, "neat" in describing your art but replace with varying amounts of Abstraction even with, at first glance, "Stepping Stones, Box Hill" a seemingly traditional landscape until you look closer at the composition and colors: "The Road to Toytown" is but one step closer towards Abstraction. It's good it works and I like it.

Clive, thanks very much for your welcome comments and for taking an interest in my work, it's much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Started out intending to do a Moira Huntly style semi-abstract landscape, but in my usual need to be compulsively neat it turned into something quite different!

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