Saying Hello (V2)


I like this and I like your style

It excellent, it’s got your mark all over it. It’s very good and certainly an improvement on v1, which was good in its self. Being happier with it shows in the finish painting.

Love it, clean and crisp, and great style.

I agree with you Jenny, this version is superior in style and colour.

Many thanks Heather, Paul, Lewis and Fiona, comments appreciated!

Delightful. Jenny.

Thanks, Sylvia!

Great harmony in the colouring Jenny

Thanks, John! (I used my two most favourite colours - permanent rose and green gold, with the addition of raw sienna and moonglow, a very useful Daniel Smith colour.)

Yes I like this very much Jenny, great style!

It's beautiful Jenny, love the pink sky, it's really captured the look of the African plains, 👍👏👏👏

Thanks very much Carole and Linda! I keep wondering, though, whether it needs something else in the background, maybe a sun going down?

Does it need something else in the background? A useful check when the composition is questioned is to view a mirrored image of your painting. It can help but its not a panacea.

Thanks for the suggestion, Clive, although I’ve always found it more effective to look at a smaller image on my iPad, but usually if something is bothering me enough, I know it needs changing. In this case I have added a sun going down and it’s made all the difference and has pulled the whole thing together.

Very nice - a powerful image!!

Thanks Andrew, comment much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Have redone my elephant painting in my preferred illustrative style, and am much happier with this version, it’s a much cleaner image.

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