Using red

Using red

Sorry didn't mean to post twice - slip of finger

I don't think you did anything wrong.... the painting works well; maybe I'd have added a touch more green, because a jungle is a wet place and greens tend to predominate, but adding a unifying colour to every mix is a perfectly sound plan, and I think you've got a unified painting.

Thank you Robert. It was just an experiment and your comments are appreciated. I am trying to find my forte by experimenting with different ideas. some are working some are not but we cant get there without finding out what doesn't work for us can we?

Hi jean i did post you a comment last night but its gone . So I'm doing it again. I said basically i think its a nice painting and you can obviously paint well. If i were painting this i would have played down the background so that the bird and the main tree stood out more and created a bit more depth,but overall i think its fine and i quite like it. Hope that's ok Jean.

Lovely painting Jean you have a marvellous gallery

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I tried to add scarlet red to each colour I mixed here to get a jungle look. I'm not sure it worked. It looks a bit messy to me . What did I do wrong?

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