Bluebell wood

Bluebell wood

What a thoughtful gift Jean, Many years ago I worked for the GDBA and shared an office with a blind colleague, I remember trying to describe a bluebell wood to her, she'd been blind all her life and obviously couldn't see the colours in her mind's eye but was always so appreciative when people took the trouble to describe things to her.

Thank you Christine. Yes It must be very difficult to explain colour to one who has never seen them. My friend had some sight as a child and it slowly deteriorated to total blackness as a young woman so she does have some memory of the seeing world and the bluebell wood is what she misses most.

A beautiful thing to do Jean, wouldn't it be wondeful if we could include sounds and scent into paintings too, for an occasion such as this. Lovely painting......she will treasure it I'm sure.

Thankyou Fiona. Yes it would be lovely for her. Maybe there is a woodland tape out there somewhere. If anyone knows of one please let me know. The 'smell' of bluebells is not a distinctive one I think but anyone know of anything in 'bluebell'? Yes she was touched enough when I painted the bluebell wood but when I decided at the last minute to include her guinea pigs (two now no longer with us) and two she has now, she actually cried. Bless her.

A fantastic story behind this painting. The blues and greys are lovely . A super piece Jean.

Thankyou Avril. Your comment is much appreciated.

What a lovely idea! Such a nice painting too!

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My friend - who is blind - fantasizes about walking through a bluebell wood and seeing all the wonderful colours and trees, so I painted this for her with her beloved guinea pigs (past and present) running free amongst the bluebells - just so that everyone who visits her can describe it to her and she can revisit her own bluebell wood whenever she wants to.

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