View in South of France

View in South of France

Jean, this is a nice painting. Thanks for all your kind comments on my various works. And no problems using my space for your comments. Let's hope Suzanne sees them. You do not seem to have many paintings in acrylics. Are there more elsewhere?

I am about to complete two acrylics Richard. I will post them on when finished. Jean

i like this painting alot field of sunflowers and it has depth to it as well really nice painting and enjoy the colours in your sky you have some very lovely pictures in your gallery which i have enjoyed looking at. Like snow leopard as well and snow scene.

Thank you (s turner) for your kind comment. I enjoyed looking at your portfolio too. There are some lovely paintings on this gallery and the artists are a lovely friendly bunch too. It gets to be quite addictive. I try to come and look every few days now at what has been posted on. Jx

Hello Jean, Thank you for your kind comments about my work, if I am able to help you with your 'Bluebell ' painting I will be very pleased . I don't just use blue for the flowers,I mix a purple from Red and Blue and White. The colour mix varies from a pale pinky to a deep blue. The colour can be less intense in the middle distance area of the painting compared to the foreground. Often I find that the colour of the flowers in direct sunshine is less intense than those in shadow. I try to suggest the swathes of flowers, finishing off with a few detailed areas near the foreground. I try to suggest distance by lessening the impact or strength of colour in those areas. I also paint in warmer areas of undergrowth using Burnt Sienna and Raw Sienna (dead ferns and grasses) to stop the painting looking to blue and green ! Hope this is of help, please feel free to ask again. Kind regards, Joe

Posted by Joe Hush on Thu 11 Mar 14:28:37

Joe, Thank you so much. I have been looking at it tonight and thinking it does look 'blue and green' and wondering what to do to warm it up. You have answered my question. Thank you for your help. Will be posting the final result soon. Jx

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This was commissioned by a person who overheard a conversation I had with a friend in Carcassonne, while on holiday. I was just browsing the scenes on the post cards and happened to say one of them would make a good watercolur painting. She interrupted us, apologised for the interruption and asked if I painted watercolours. I said I was trying to begin to get out there, yes! She asked if I would paint a particular scene for her mum and sent me a small photo on her return home. This was the result. Her mum was very pleased with it.

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