Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

Great painting, Sorry for the accident and looking forward to see more of your work. Best regards..

Late perhaps, but well worth the wait. This is very good. Full of drama and devastation.

You've made a great painting here Jean, a sad subject that you've depicted well. I like your style and palette. And with an injured elbow .... well done and do some more. Lx Avie

What a great painting! i am so glad you are back painting, what a nightmare for you!:)Linda

Thank you all very much for your encouraging comments. I have made a few little adjustments to this now (since I posted it here) but I think it's finished now. I must STOP FIDDLING!!!

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Hi folks. I am back after a bad accident on the motorway, where \I injured my right hand and arm (painter's worst nightmare!) Can paint agai now and have always wanted to paint my response to Haiti but never got round to it then in November couldn't because of my accident, so here it is at last. A year late but nevertheless still near to my heart. Pastel (49cm x 64cm) 19" x 25" unframed.

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