Snow scene

Snow scene

The snows gone but I'd have loved to paint it! Don't know how! This is a lovely painting with a cosy cottage to sit in front of the fire. A lovely sky too. Thanks for browsing my gallery and taking the time to comment; I paint in France 'cos I've lived here for 40 years........ came when I was 21! My red door picture measures 20 x 28cms. What are you working on at the moment? Regards Avril.

Thank you for your most welcome comment, Avril. I'm working on a large rectangular (long and narrow) landscaped canvas in acrylics. My beloved Pyrannees again ! But this time from Toulouse, so it's from the other side from where I usually see them on the Canagou side. So they come down to green and villages rather than the sea. I went on a painting holiday there and sketched the horizon with the peaks which stretched for miles (I wouldn't have got it all on a photo.) I always wanted to paint them but they sat on 3and a half pages of my sketch book for some years. I'm nearly finished. Just one more session should do it. I had to stop off as my 'studio' is the spare bedroom and I had visitors who needed to use the bed settee! Where abouts in France do you live? I would love to live there. I have visited Argeles and St. Cyprien and visited all around there, including up the little mountain villages. I absolutely adore Coullioure! Jx

Hi Jean, my turn to thank you for admiring my blue doors. Your new painting sounds great and I look foreward to seeing it. Any progress with your camera?!! I took my Blue doors 6 times until I was satisfied - it's just too big to scan. I live in Le Mee, south east of Paris but my in-laws used to live in Argeles and my sister has a little village house in the Drome so that's the region we visit regularly now and which I love painting.

Hi Avril. You lucky thing living in France. My son is coming at the weekend to show me how to use my digital camera properly! So hopefully when I post any more work it will be able to be seen properly! I am still in a quanderry over the acrylic Pyrannee painting. It seems ordinary. I sort of want to abstract it in some way and make it more painterly or different than the ordinary but my paintings just all come out my usual plastic style. i want to be looser, more arty, if you know what I mean. Is there any way of speaking to you with more direct communication eg e-mail or anything? How would I get that info to you? Jean

Thank you Avril for introducing me to the Artist's facebook. I am fairly new to the site and still learning what is available. Jx

Hi Jean What lovely sky colours, you have captured all the elements of a cold winters evening, makes you want to curl up in front of the fire. Well done and lets see more of your work

Will try to post as I paint Peter. Thank you for your kind comments. Jean

Thanlks for your comments Jean. I'm never sure what will turn out until I stand back and look over my shoulder. The nude was taken from a photo referrred to me by the model. I didn't choose the location but it is very effective. I see that you live near to me at - I'm in Wollaton. Try [email protected] - should love to see your work without the intrusive flash - you can turn it off you know. Dave

Thank you very much for your nice comments on my breakfasts. This is very attractive and a really interesting gallery. May I suggest taking your photos before the paintings are framed :-). I know it's often the only way once they've been done.

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I just LOVE painting snow, don't you?

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