Memories of France

Memories of France

I think this is wonderful! Really effective mark-making. I'd happily have it on my wall!!!

Yes, hear hear and ditto to that; mothers are hard to please! There's a wonderful warmth about this painting; the painting of the glass is superbly done, and that's to identify just one example out of many I could have singled out.

Aaah, bless you both! Thank you so much for these very encouraging comments. Jx

This is really super Jean! French wine and impressionists have left their mark - keep at it , it's great!(PS. Thanks for commenting on my latest work, I'm in the doldrums at present!)

I really like the mosaic style and the warmth comes through. Great.

Thank you all for your kind comments. I did enjoy painting this one. I think I might do some more in similar style but different colourways. Jx

This is awesome Jean. A love this style and I might try do do something like this. I would love to have it on my wall. For now I am setting it on my computer background...thank you.

Bronia that is a wonderful compliment. I feel very honoured. Thank you very much. Jx

Well done on your experimentation, I think it has turned into a successful piece of work. Kind regards, Joe

Posted by Joe Hush on Fri 05 Mar 09:33:24

Jean, I have had a lovely wander through your gallery of work. All so different yet you certainly have your own style. I love this - great to experiment marvellous colour and so interesting. The wine bottle, glass and grapes just great. That wonderful painter Joe Hush has given you such a lovely comment. You must be doing something right? PS thank you for your very kind comment on Tuscany. X

Thank you Joe and Jeannette. I appreciate your kind, encouraging comments. Jx

I just love this and am putting it in a file I keep of all the best painters-online pictures that I hope will influence my work. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my apple picture. That indeed was not influenced by anyone else - I think! - and I have now uploaded one of autumn leaves. It looked so insipid besides another one of leaves on the page that I am going to go over bits of it.

Thank you Sian, what a compliment! I am most flattered. Merci beaucoup! Jx

jEAN I like it, Love the style and colour GREAT. Do some more

Thank you for your kind words Charles. I intend to as soon as I am better (injured my right arm and hand ) Artist's worst nightmare when you're right handed !

Hi Jean, Just had a look at your lovely web site, marvelous paintings, keep up this splendid work! I especially love your bluebells rich and natural colour, very well done!

Jean - thanks for some lovely comments on my work - it's as inspiring as a dramatic landscape or a huge, rusting crane (for me anyway!). And this is my favourite out of all your great work. Being a Francophile and having many memories of France myself, this does it for me! And I love the technique and overall 'impression'. It's almost a patchwork of thoughts and images collected from that wonderful country over time. Love it. Encore! Encore! Nick Roberts x

Thank you Nick and David. I am overwhelmed with all these lovely comments. Thank you everyone jx

Hi jean I like this one and indeed all Your work a bit of Surat here I think pointilism or whatever its called a great effect vivid colours and very french feel of course keep it up I like it RJH

Thanks Robert. I want to do some more but got a bit of a block as to the subject matter!! Any suggestions anyone?

Thanks for your kind comment on my painting Jean, it has given me the opportunity to look through your own gallery. I love this painting, you have done a great job with pointlism

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Acrylic on 24" x 30" canvas. Experimenting with colour and mark-making. I loved doing it. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Love the result. My daughter-in-law loves it. My mother hates it. So, I suppose it's an acquired taste! It's certainly not chocolate box top stuff but it was very exciting to do.

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