Still life with vases

Still life with vases

Great result Jean. Like both of them. Just keep at it.

My sympathies's awful isn't it. However, this is a super, vibrant start to overcome that block. I thumbed through books of my favourite artist and came across last years Christmas card from Alan Owen, which I use as a book mark, and I just wanted to paint it. Good luck Jean.

Like these two still life paintings.Quite a breath of fresh air.

Thank you all for your encouraging comments. I will try and get going again!! I have just submitted some examples to display in a homeware chain store so maybe that will MAKE me do some more paintings! If I am accepted I will have to!!!!

Hang on Studio Wall
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Just updating my portfolio. Took a few off and posting a couple of new modern ones. This was just me trying to get back into the swing of painting again. Just seem to have a painter's block these days and thought I'd just chuck some paint around a canvas. This was the result

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