Daren’t let go mum!


Lovely drawing Carole.

Great sketch Carole captured so well.

Yes, it's a lovely drawing Carole of the little baby blue tit. We have some blue tits in one of our nesting boxes right now. Because of the upside down weather, I was worried but they seem to be ok as parents are coming and going and looking after them! Also, not so cute are a family of magpies running all over our lawn. Big babies and noisy parents!

Super drawing Carole.

Full of life and charm- lovely.

Great drawing Carole, pencil is such an underrated medium!

Lovely sketch, Carole! We’ve had robins and blue tits nesting in our garden, they all fledged at the same time yesterday morning. We can now get on with some long overdue gardening without fear of disturbing them.

Lovely sketch Carole!

What a treasure Carole. So beautifully sketched and such a topical drawing.

Lovely sketch - always such a difficult time of year for the baby birds

Thank you. Yes and we have a magpie nest in the tall hedge, I think they are interested in the many pigeons’ eggs rather than the little ones. It is lovely to see blue tit mum and dad with fat grubs feeding their young.

A delightful drawing, Carole. You have a fine easy stroke, that captures everything really well.

Great sense of spontaneity.

Lovely sketch

No fledglings here yet, probably a week or so behind the south.....the Hawthorn has only just begun to flower. A super pencil sketch Carole, lovely observation of this little bird.

Thank you ever so much for your kind generous comments. Done with a cheap 2b pencil on cheap watercolour paper from the Works! Our hawthorn blossom has started to drop in the breeze Fiona, so much blossom this year...

Good one Carole, lovely drawing. We have robins nesting in our garage (hubby’s man cave) they have had two clutches so far, one chick was slow to fledge but all gone now so he can get back to all the jobs he had on hold. They were preparing for a third nest, but changed their minds!

Super! You capture the ‘moment before’ so well!

Thanks Katy, lovely to hear about the little birds x Thanks very much Rachel :)

Excellent drawing Carole, love how you have done this lovely scene.

Beautiful sketch, Carole.

Wonderful line and tonal work, beautifully done, Carole!

Thank you Paul, Ellen, Seok and Russell for your generous comments.

👍 Love the title Carole.

Super drawing Carole...............perhaps some watercolour washes!!!?

Thanks George and thanks David, it did cross my mind a bit of colour...

Happy Birthday Carole! 🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🥂🥂🥂🎁🎈

Aww Fiona thank you so much ❤️Xx

Splendid sketch Carole and great context and feeling.

Looks a simple sketch but i know it isnt! Really topical.


Thank you Michael, Sunil and Emma.

Hang on Studio Wall

Baby blue tit learning to fly. A few nests in my garden. Pencil

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