Hydrangea in evening light

Hydrangea in evening light

Super, Carole, I love the loose water feel of this. I like painting Hydrangeas in oils but do't manage the carefree feel of this. Stunning.

A stunner Carole, this is a beauty, great technique. One of your best. Can you please tell me about this granulation fluid, I know how to do granulation but never used a fluid? What have I been missing?

Fabulous Carole the colour and texture is totally beautiful this has a real magic

Superbly painted Carole such a lovely technique.

Thanks all very much for your kind comments. Alan the fluid, by Winsor & Newton can be used to mix directly with paint to make it granulate or added after on the paper whilst the paint is still wet. I like the effects with acrylic inks as the pigments clump together and run over the page whichever way you wish it to run. It works well with indian ink too. You will find a better explanation I am sure on the Winsor Newton site.

This is fabulous, Carole! I love that combination of gorgeous textures, fluidity and stunning palette. Beautifully done!

Wow you are really coming up trumps with these mixed media paintings Carole. Fabulous colours and textures in this one.

Thanks for that info Carole, I must have overlooked that one. I will be getting a jar tomorrow to try out.

Excellent! Caught my attention immediately.

Thanks very much Seok, Beatrice and Val, I appreciate it. Alan you are very welcome.

Wow Carole! So much to look at here in the way of texture and painting techniques. A real feast!

Fabulous loose washes Carole

Sarah explained it well....a real feast for the eye's Carole! Gorgeous!

Great work!

Thank you Ivan, Sarah, Lynne, Fiona and TiaMeng, for taking time to comment much appreciated.

It's all been said - a real stunner Carole

Thank you very much, Michael, Gudrun and Sharon, very kind.

Really lovely effects Carole. I'll have to try out the granulation fluid!

Another beauty, Carole!

Thanks Louise and Jennifer for your very kind comments.

Lovely treatment of the background lots of splatter and I like the use of the salt gives a lovely effect , petals are beautifully stated <br />

So beautiful Carole, such interesting effects!

Beautiful, Carole! I love the colours and the background.

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Acrylic inks, granulation fluid, watercolour, Gutta contour in gold.

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