I can hear them, Carole: they feel great and so is the painting.

Thank you Mia, that is so kind of you.

Lovely and that bit of gold certainly adds something. Yes, trees definitely talk to each other for sure!

I’m sure they do Carole - probably saying ‘every little breeze seems to whisper Louise’. Like the trees ; well painted.

Thanks Heather, saw an interesting program on tv how trees communicate through their root system. Thanks Michael you made me titter 😂

How beautiful. Great texture on the trunks.

I love this kind of free runny watercolour -nice one.

A superb painting, I believe tree talk to each other , it’s so good sitting in a warn quite woodlands trying to listen .

What a super painting. The trees and the touch of gold / yellow are, I think the word is brilliant.

The trees are so full of character and animated Carole. Love your limited spattering which is so effective.

Super painting Carole. I watched a documentary and trees do make sounds, we can't hear them as they are ultrasonic sounds.

That's lovely Carole.

Very nice Carole, has a glow. Trees talking? Sounds like Lord of the rings!

Thank you all very much, great encouragement for me!

Yes Carole, I bet some of the ancient ones could tell a few stories. I like how you have used the media together here, the specs of gold are a great touch.

Well I love bare winter trees, gorgeous brush works Carole.

Beauty carole and yiur touch of gold ✨

Well, the trees are definitely talking to me too in your painting Carole, lovely washes.

Thanks very much Fiona, Alan, Faye and Frank for your encouraging words.

A lovely expression of trees connecting Carole. Ah, trees, connection, wisdom, the mystical....: )

If you sell these Carole, I hope you’ve added in the price for the gold! I do like the granulation.

Thanks so much Diane, Marjorie and Russell.

Great work Carole - love this!

Nice subject well painted Carole, love the limited palette and the granulation.

If plants talk to each other and to us, I am sure trees also do! Very nice.


Beautiful watercolour painting And Really nice Carole and yes they do!!

Thanks again, so pleased you all appreciate my talking trees :)

Gorgeous, love the golden touch

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour Indian ink touch of gold. They say trees talk to each other…..

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