Morning roses

Morning roses

Absolutely beautiful, Carole. Love the white veins.

This is simply beautiful, the flowers are exquisite, and I love the background, especially the white marks. It has realism but is uniquely yours.

Instantly knew whose it was, Carole. Gorgeous! Love the palette, the drawing is exquisite and the background wonderful.

Thank so much Seth and Lew, I'm very pleased you like the white bits I did wonder about them :)

This is the style I love Carole, simply gorgeous.

Thank you Thalia very kind and thanks Alan much appreciated.

Really good Carole, with the dark background and your choice of colours. You are showing me the way with my rose sketch !!☺️

So very beautiful Carole! Gorgeous painting, you should frame this.

Thank you very much. Margaret I have it hanging in my hallway ;)

Absolutely stunning, Carole. Nearly missed this one and it's a beaut'. I love the colours and delicacy, mainly because they are so attractive, but also because they're so well placed. Lovely! Brian

What a beauty, Carole, smashing work.

Posted by C Jones on Fri 01 Jun 16:58:28

This is a beautiful painting Carole.

A beautiful painting. By the way ivorine looks like ivory but is in fact a form of plastic coated on one side with a slight rough surface that accommodates both watercolour and oils. Got a piece back in 1990 from a someone and tried watercolour. Not to sure whether you can get it now. This is a truly beautiful picture. Congratulations.

This is gorgeous Carole, love that soft pink.

Beautiful, delicate and loose with gorgeous colours.

Just beautiful Carole. Really classy work.

Thanks very much everyone for your encouraging comments I appreciate them. Thanks Tom for the info, I have heard of it but never knew what it was exactly. Think I've heard of it on antique programs.

Superb composition and beautiful colour, love it.

carole this is beautiful so fresh and lovely textures.


Gorgeous - had to be yours, Carole

Esquisita! You are in your Zone!

A treat for the eyes . x

Superb roses, love the background colours and the white lines.

Thank you again for all your lovely feedback :)

The white marks make this work really well Carole. Also the colour is beautifully subtle

I commented on this much earlier, but, again, must've erred in the post. This is what I love about your works. It is original, fresh, and all-together yours. You have a vision which is wholly yours.

Thank you John and Skylar for very kind comments.

How lovely and fresh Carole. Such a delight to look at. Thank you.

Beautifully delicate, Carole.

Love everything about this, Carole, The background and its textures setting up the wonderfully painted blooms. Lovely.

Thank you Carole, Ellen, Gudrun and Willie, so much appreciate :)

Gorgeous Carole

Thanks very much Emma and Sarah.

Thought I'd commented on this, but you know I love it anyway :)

So much to love about this one Carole, the composition, the colours, the granulation...

Beautiful. Love the background textures and the subtle shades of 'whites', blues, pinks and yellows (plus) in the petals.

Hang on Studio Wall

Inks and watercolour. I did this last year but don't remember posting.

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