Windy walk


Lovely painting Carole, hope you had your coat on.

This is super! You are so good with this medium!

This is really good Carole, I too like the tree its excellent.

I like it. Well worth your efforts described in your description.

Fabulous tree Carole! Looks perfect in its new setting, a success!

I like this a lot, one can feel the breeze. Well done.

Such elegance and grace flowing from those branches Carole. Hold on to your hat.

Fabulous tree. Lovely painting 🖼 I can feel the breeze!!

That is lovely, Carol and s effective!

Magical Carole, am so loving your approach here

I like the tree too, a lovely job with the collage, hope you enjoyed Derbyshire too!

I think it looks fantastic Carole.

Thanks so very much everyone for your encouragement. Lovely to hear your views on this. Sarah I live in Derbyshire so wasn’t far away, my daughters myself and Poppy the dog have a week stay in Castleton once or twice a year. We have wonderful walks there rain or shine 😍

Oh how lovely, that sounds really nice. It's a nice county 'all that's missing is the sea' as Wham once said (not exactly sure they were talking about Derbyshire but there you go)

Waste not, want not, eh? But more interesting because it’s collage. I also like those subtle colours, Carole.

So evocative, Carole...Winter's struck here, too! summer Monday, Winter Tuesday! So much movement in this!

Beautiful painting Carole, great work on the tree and feeling of atmosphere.

Excellent Carole, love the tree and the granulated washes you have definitely successfully pushed the capability of your materials.

Very kind of you all to give opinions, so interesting. Also meant to say I used a bit of Indian ink all applied using a Chinese brush, the brush gave me lovely textures.

Great painting Carole, the tree really is fabulous.

Very nice artwork Carole, packed with subtlety and a natural flow.

Carole love the process of keeping the tree, lovely painting.

Looks like it is blowing a gale and a half Carole! Great tree. Wet, windy, murky …. Your painting says it all. I think it is very good.

What a cracking tree Carole and you've caught the feeling of a misty damp day so well.

Feel the wind, see the falling leaves -terrific painting Carole.

Thanks again for your kind comments really appreciate them. I’m very used to Misty, murky, drizzly weather living here!

The tree is superb Carole

Lovely wintry painting Carole.

Thank you Richard and Shaun.

I think this is a superb painting with the background firmly pushed back and the foreground wonderfully painted, the tree is superb with all the detail if you study closely with the shadows of the branches and gnarls. Just so we’ll observed and painted! Excellent!

Quite unusual and very effective, Carole!

Thanks very much William for you encouraging comment. Thank you Peter very much.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour. I messed up the first painting, but I liked the tree. I cut out the tree and collages it onto a washed page, still not happy with all but I still like the tree. It is from a very windy, misty, drizzly day we went walking in Derbyshire. Cheap The Works watercolour pad so buckled 😂 although the pad is good for sketching and dryish paint also coloured pencils. Not archival though!

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