A Handful of Autumn

A Handful of Autumn

I like this one Fiona lovely spontaneous work a handful of bits and a handful of colours makes this work a pleasure to look at.love the way you have echoed the colours throughout the painting

Great colour and so energetic Fiona. Eye catching.

What a lovely handful it Is too Fiona,and a lovely pallet of colours. Hope you don't get hit by the next storm that is on it's way

Nice work Fiona. It's a lively piece for sure, which has worked well in mixed media. I particularly like the soft edges of the jar and some other seed outlines, so much nicer than a hard edge I always think.

David, thank you very much x Thanks john, I’m not so scared of colour these days...lol. Thank you Carol, I think we will be on the edge of the storm but still looking at 50 to 60 mph winds, and heavy rain. Thank you Alan....mixed media seems to be in vogue at the moment.

Lovely work Fiona, love the colours and the arrangement

This is lovely. The more I look at it the prettier it gets. Love the colours.

Lovely Fiona; great title.

This is gorgeous Fiona - great colours and I love the marks.

Beautiful painting, Fiona.

Absolutely adorable Fiona

Beautiful rich colours Fiona, love it.

Lovely colour, texture & arrangement....love the shadows!!!

What a great selection of colours and plants Fiona, beautifully spontaneous.

It’s beautifully simplistic, Fiona. This caught my eye immediately with it’s gorgeous colours.

This looks great Fiona, I love your nastyurchins! The glass of the jar is super too.

David, Jennifer, Jim, Margaret, Cesare.....thank you all very much, appreciate your comments.

Thank you very much Dennis, Sandra, Anne, Nancy, Carole, Ellen and Margaret your feedback is very encouraging...especially about the colours.

A treat for the eye, Fiona, love it!

Thanks Thalia!

Whatever you paint, it always seem to work. Such great use of colours and mediums Fiona.

Posted on Fri 12 Oct 19:53:00

Many thanks Ibolya and Gudrun for your lovely comments.

Did not see your beautiful bouquet until now, Fiona, love it very much.

Thank you Annick, that’s very kind of you.

Hang on Studio Wall

12”x10” watercolour, charcoal and oil pastel on Arches. I grabbed a handful of bits and pieces from the garden and stuck them in a glass for a quick still life. Monkshood, Hosta leaf, nastyurchin and honesty seedheads.

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