Easter ‘dust’ Bunny.

Easter ‘dust’ Bunny.

Just to clarify, those dark round things on the ground are eggs, just in case you had other ideas!

Haha. That's really funny Fiona.

Ah. Eggs. Right. OK.... You heard about the lady who kept pet rats (as indeed did I) who picked up what she thought was a raisin from the worktop and popped it in her mouth? Except it wasn't a raisin. Always advisable to take a little extra precaution if you allow your furry friends free access to the fixtures and fittings. I have all too many dust bunnies in my less than luxurious apartment, but then I just can't get down on the hands and knees, you see. Isn't that just a wonderful excuse? It can cover so much, if you work on it.

I think I remember you finding one of the species last year Fiona. It's that time of year...of course I haven't any....

Lol....Seth, have you seen any today? Ooerrr Robert, that could be nasty....certainly leave a nasty taste! The one you are thinking of was the more common species Marjorie.....you must have a few at least, you’re not looking hard enough! Lol

You make us smile Fiona, Thank you.

Thank you. Excellent Bunny. He looks a bit weary ....

If I’ve made you smile Annick, I’m happy 😃 He is weary Gudrun, he isn’t use to all this publicity, they are naturally a very shy creature. I think the real reason is, he’s had it up to the ears with all the bloomin kids! They get far too egg-cited....

The one I had last year has been breeding as only bunnies do. So all his off spring are now congregating in dark corners and under beds . . Pity I’m a Vegetarian or I could have had roast dust bun for Sunday lunch for a whole year. On the subject of suspect droppings looking like raisins , I was a pretty horrible child and told several other children that yes these little dark pellets were currants, and fed them to them . Confession time .

He is hilarious and I think I might be right about black round things Fiona 😂

They are not that rare!, I've got thousands in my house, all basking in the thick dust that surrounds me... He's cute though!

What a lovely story, Fiona. I think he has many members of his family living in my house. Must have a look around.

Ha ha, so he's in your house as well, it must b the breeding season, oh forgot that's all the time for rabbits isn't it , happy Easter Fiona 😘

He is lovely Fiona and I have many of his friends all round my rather messy house. You certainly know how to make us smile!!

Great fun Fiona, of course I would never find one here because of all the pastel dust. it would make a great card Fiona.

SYLVIA!!! You naughty girl! Are your force fed friends still friends? Or, have they wasted away from some unidentifiable disease.....lol Thank you. Many thanks Tony, I’m just being silly.

Lol....I tried the get the black round things more egg shaped than....currant....shape Carole, looks like I failed! Alan when the last dust bunny was aired you were in denial, I’m glad you’ve come out, don’t you feel better for sharing. Lol Mia, Linda, glad I’m not the only one who has a breeding colony. Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter Dennis. I don’t believe you Carol! Charles I think they would be easier to spot covered in pastel dust, you may have just suggested a secret weapon for finding dust bunnies!

That's cheered up a dull wet day Fiona.

LOL Fiona, I've got lots of these lurking in corners! Did someone mention housework? Never heard of it!!

Love him, Fiona - great expression, looks a bit grumpy!

Thanks Lewis, glad I could return the favour. Your paintings brighten up a dull day. Margaret, I actually spend far too much time on housework, wish I could break myself of the habit....lol thank you He is grumpy Jenny, he’s egg-austed.......thank you.

Fiona I just love this sketch and your sense of humour. I am trying hard to ignore the NZ subspecies that lurks around my house, I can do that quite easily if I remove my glasses! If I can't see it it doesn't exist!

Ha ha ...that’s a good philosophy Sandra for making these little critters disappear! Just a bit of fun, thank you.

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This bunny is a very rare strain of the ‘dustus bunnius’ species, it only appear once a year and is very hard to spot amongst the more common strain. If you are lucky and blessed you may spot one! I’m a little late with my Easter wishes to you all, I’ve been in camouflage, lurking behind dusty cupboards trying to get a quick sketch of one of these.

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