Cairnsmore....on a good day!

Cairnsmore....on a good day!

Absolutley brilliant Fiona, so loose and fresh, the energy in this kind of work is what I really like, nice pallet, great tree line and fence and that distant flash of sunlit hill just gives that 'something' to it all, great stuff Fiona.

A really fresh and spontaneous watercolour Fiona, well handled, I like the yellow on the hillside, really has worked well and the perspective tracks lead you into the painting. Excellent work. Great sky too.

A really lively fresh and colourful watercolour sketch Fiona , like the composition and the way you have handled the distant hills etc. all works really well .

Fresh and bright, Fiona, super work!

Lovely view, lovely work!

Lovely and light and fresh, with a lively sky. As others have said, the sunlit on the distant hill works a treat. I envy your beautiful view!

Thank you malcolm. Would you believe I had lived here two weeks before I noticed the view, not because I hadn&#39;t looked but because it wasn&#39;t visible! It was January and like today, wet and misty, there is no sign of any of it other than the first Have you visited the galloway Hills, &#39;Mole hills&#39; compared to what you are use to climbing I suppose.<br />

A berocca painting lovely work on a lovely day

Alan, Graham, Seok, Debs, Ann thank you for your lovely comments, much appreciated.

Thanks Dennis!!!

Lovely loose watercolour. What a great view you have!

Not today I haven&#39;t Michael! Thank you for your very kind comment. Thank you very much Gudrun.

A Lovely painting Fiona, just love it :)

No I have not been in the Galloway hills Fiona, but as far as size goes it honestly matters not to me, I just love being outdoors and each hill has its own special character and you get something different from each one, I am just very lucky to have been able to get out to the high mountain ranges of the world, but I still love the Peak District and the Lake District plus of course what the rest of Britain has to offer.

Beautifully painted Fiona! The bright lime green patch gives the painting an immediate uplift! Well done!

Thank you Maria and Satu for leaving your lovely comments.<br />I think Merrick is the highest of the Galloway Hills Malcolm but nothing on the scale of some of the mountains you&#39;ve had the pleasure of scaling. I&#39;ve always walked and belong to a few groups but I&#39;ve never been tempted to climb. Like yourself, as long as I&#39;m outdoors!

A completely spontaneous watercolour sketch Fiona. Competently and confidently painted, shows your love of the landscape and of the medium.

Was this the one day of sun Fiona? well it had the effect of you producing a very effortless painting!

That&#39;s a lovely loose watercolour , it&#39;s amazing how versatile this medium is , you&#39;ve handled it beautifully

Lovely fluffy clouds, so nice you had good weather! The flash of yellow/green makes this a lively painting Fiona.

George thank you, that&#39;s a lovely thing to say.<br />Marjorie, yes this is one of THREE whole days of sunshine this summer.....thanks very much.<br />Dermot, Carole, thank you both very much!

Lovely perspective and a beautifully gentle palette make this a very successful painting. Love it.

I&#39;m a bit late yet again coming to this little beauty, everyone has said it all already. I love your loose handling of the scene, no matter how hard I try I just can&#39;t do loose LOL and I&#39;m glad you had a sunny day on wednesday, I think that was the day we got to see the sun as well.

Thank you very much Thea and Val...yes the sunshine, what a treat, hope you made the most of it Val.

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Watercolour sketch 16" x 12". I included in the title, 'on a good day' because usually, the past few I've painted of this view have been from inside the house, but this one is painted from the garden for a change. Beautiful day, with fabulous clouds, I tried to catch this one moment when there was a bright spot of sunlight on the hill. Old Holland watercolours; U. marine (deep), B. umber, R. sienna, L. yellow for the patch on the hill.

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