HMS Malaya

HMS Malaya

So dynamic and exciting. A wonderful pen and wash (and I envy your skill with the pen). The drama of the guns firing and the choppy sea is just fantastic. Really well done and also a feather in your cap for being brave enough to tackle such a diversity of subjects lately - garden produce to warships!!! Where will it end??

A powerful image Fiona and an excellent drawing of this ship. Not an easy subject but you've made an excellent job of it.

Thank you Thea. Yes, another different subject for me but wanted to paint it when I saw it, some things grab you like that don't they? Ref. my pen work, nothing to be envious of Thea, I repeat your phrase in your last posting, something like; flying by the seat of your pants. My pen work is exactly the same! I thought I might try a teapot next. Lol. Thanks again Thea, I do appreciate your comments.

Thank you very much Christine, very kind. I didn't expect any comments on this one to be honest, it's not exactly up everyone's street, a battleship firing guns. Lol.

As you say not your normal painting but very well painted nevertheless and with some special meaning to you, even better.

Well that is a different subject for you but so full of atmosphere and movement and it obviously has special meaning to you. I tried drawing/painting my son's RFA ship a few years back so I know those pesky ships are a lot harder than they look , but your pen work has said all it needs to say and says it so well.

Thank you Glennis, Val very much. It did make me think of my dear old dad....not that I need any prompt to think of him....

Don't underestimate your pen work and excellent use of colour.

Splendid work, Fiona! And such a meaningful memento of your Dad. I love the clarity of the inks and the vibrant lines.

Nice one Fiona, I'm sure your Dad would have loved this!

Gudrun, Seok, Debs many thanks ladies for your encouragement and support, it gives me such a boost! Debs, my father would have made me do it again and again until every detail was exact, his drawing of it would have been maticulous in every way. Thanks again!

like this lively little painting and very touching because of your father . well done

Lots of life in this one Fiona, I can almost hear those guns booming, well done.

Thank you very much gentlemen, very kind.

Ooh Fiona, (hello andhope you're well, by the way) this is full of fresh sea air and action! The colours of the inks in the sea are really lovely. I can almost smell the ozone!

Hi Fiona! Thank you so much for your recent note. It was really nice to get it so unexpectedly! Your news was most interesting, especially re your art classes. I must say I felt a little sadness at possibly losing sight of "a Phipps" amongst all the other postings. But, of course, it's great that you can move your art life on to another dimension and I look forward to seeing the results. We both seemed to have dropped out of PoL at about the same time, albeit for different reasons. Mine were mainly due to ill health and the pressure of all sorts of other things in my life that I cannot bore you with, (with which I will not bore you!). I was always able to draw and sketch, pencil and pen and ink, and in my youth could range from scribbled sketch to meticulous detail, (just a statement of fact),- but I could never paint. It wasn't till after I retired that I discovered Bob Ross - much derided on PoL. Looking back over the last few years, I must say I don't think it worked!! I am now wanting to try watercolour marker pens, but when I have the time. I'll let you know how I get on. The problem with PoL, as I see it, is that you go from Page One to Page Umpteen in just a day or so. Still, we mustn't whine about its popularity. Once agaain, thank you so much for your note - it was really appreciated. Keep in touch. Kindest regards to you and your family. Lionel. x

Superb clean lines lovely painting fiona

Lovely painting fiona love the sleek lines and a superb portfolio

Thank you Dennis, very kind of you to say so.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen & wash but used inks instead of watercolours. This was the last ship my father served on, it had a varied naval career during both world wars. It's based on a sepia photo which I found amongst my fathers war time photographs. Not an accurate drawing or scale by the way.

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