Aha! I've found it Fiona! Very nice too.!

I knew it! That's because I'd told myself the same thing and yet know I'll try at least one more. A good subject here for the splatter technique and pretty accurate as well in it's markings. Obviously a rare splatter-fly!

Love it, flying splatters now!

Thanks Sarah! Lol, Louise, yes it's that rare it's on the 'red list'...and green, and blue, and yellow........! Thank you Glennis!

This is great - I really like it and it is a brilliant use of the technique as it lends itself to a butterfly perfectly (wish I had thought of that!). My flowers crashed and burned I'm afraid - not in the mood today. Never mind, I'll try again tomorrow.

Not sure how I missed this first time round - love it especially after seeing butterflies in the garden in today's sunshine!

This one's smashing! Love it.

A very clever splatter Fiona!

Lovely as always Fiona.

Love it Fiona, as Louise says very rare splatter fly ;)

I'm fickle. I now love Splatter-fly. Spike has been deposed.

Thank you very much for all your great comments........it's been great fun!

Quirky and fun, loads of personality in this one, Fiona!

This is lovely Fiona lovely expressive work , bet you had fun with this ....

Hang on Studio Wall

Yes, I had another go, couldn't help myself. I found an old bottle of gold ink in the cupboard and thought I would give it a try, doesn't show up very well as gold coloured though. The watercolour work better I think.

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