Bad Feather Day

Bad Feather Day

I tried the paint brush tube idea, nearly passed out because of excess blowing and I think I've damaged my eyes......

This is fantastic Fiona, a great interpretation of the splatter, straw blowing technique!

A very cheerful splatter Fiona, well splattered!

Had to have a titter at this Fiona he's a real character! Well done 😆

Brilliant cockerel - hasn't the paint blowing done a good job of describing the shape - well done you for being so good at direction the colours where you wanted them. It's great fun, isn't it! (P.S. Great minds and all that as I have just posted a cockerel as well - first I have ever done and a bit of an experiment too).

Oh Fiona, same here. My paint brush tube was too short. I was so close to the dab of paint I was trying to blow at that I just couldn't see. Then the lack of puff and that feeling of needing to come up for air wasn't good. All together, the short tube isn't a good idea but I've laughed at your pained description of the painting process which I certainly recognise. The thing is though that you've succeeded whereas my effort was total rubbish. This cockerel in all his glory is superb! Such a cross, spiky looking bird so full of character

Not only is he annoyed at me for messing up his tail feathers, I think he's none too pleased that I've given him wrinkled stockings! Thanks all, I might have to have another teeny, weeny go at this......could it be classed as an addiction?

I absolutely love him Fiona!!! What gave you the idea of a thin cockerel!? He makes me smile!!

Great fun. Splendid title. Makes me want to try one - if only I can come up with an idea !

I bet the comb was done upside down. Lovely work Fiona

He looks very modern Fiona and looks like you had some fun doing him lovely work Fiona well done to you .

Well done - this is so colourful and his indignation at being ruffled is quite obvious!

Lovely fun stuff! What's the process here? Do you blow the paint first and then try to decide to make something of it, or, do you set out to paint a particular thing, in this case, a cockerel? (Dennis; I bet it wasn't! If it was, Fiona would have had to blow the paint directly towards herself - or have I misunderstood what's going on?).

Lol!! What should be compulsory for everyone one to do a splatter painting in the morning, it would set us all up for a great day!<br />Many thanks to you all for your comments, really appreciate them.<br />Satu he was based on one of my modern game cockerels, they have an upright carriage and look quite amusing with their long legs. One of my cockerels called &#39;Sundance&#39; always looked cross like this one.<br />Lionel, I thought of the subject first then dropped the puddle of red watercolour at the top of the paper and blew away from me, then did the same for where I thought the tail feathers would be and so on. I moved the paper around and just kept blowing!!Lol. Lastly, I used a biro to draw in roughly the beak, eyes, and legs. Thanks again. <br />

Ingenious the way this has come out. It&#39;s really effective.

Posted by Nerys B on Sun 03 May 09:55:25

Hope your eyes are OK Fiona!!! What fun this looks!

Lots of fun!

Thank you Nerys, Jane and Sarah for your smashing comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

Couldn't resist having a go at this challenge. I think he looks rather vexed at what I've done to his prized tail feathers!

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