Supper! (after Wesson)

Supper! (after Wesson)

I think the fish at the back looks grumpy because I didn't get his best side!

It's just lovely Fiona.

Smashing and perfect for supper and a subject. Yummy. I went to a workshop to paint recently and forgot papers, board and card DUH! Used newsprint

Beautiful Fiona!

Lovely work Fiona, I like the way the blue runs through the picture, linking the four objects together.

Thanks Kal! Derek, glad I'm not the only one, I once turned up without my paints! Tanusree, Debs and Gudrun, many thanks for your comments.

I like this Fiona, and the pen sets off the colours.

I'm going to go straight to comment, so as not to be influenced by others! Though I'm sure they liked it. Perhaps it helps that these are, I think, mackerel: and mackerel with a slice of lemon is perfection on a plate. My stomach always comes first - well, literally these days..... Maybe I'd have left out the glass; don't know. But it's a good, fresh, clear and clean painting. The fish is entitled to look a bit cheesed off, by the way: he didn't choose to be in this situation, after all. But his feelings aside, I think this works well, and I like the warm colours in the background, balancing the cool blues.

Thank you very much Carole and Robert.

Smashing work Fiona! Beautiful mix of colours and not overworked at all.

Beautiful colours Fiona, a lovely pearlescent glow to the fish.

Many thanks Satu and Sharon, much appreciated.

I love wessons work , this is a splendid loose image, love it .. Thank you also for the kind comments on my latest

Dermot, I'm a huge Wesson fan too! Thank you very much for your generous comment, much appreciated.

I agree with everyone, Lovely still life Fiona

I really like this Fiona, I think it is a lovely study and I like the composition very much.

Thanks very much Petra and Julie.

Hi Fiona, I love the simplicity of this one, nice colour choices, Lisa

Thank you very much Lisa, very kind.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen & watercolour. I went off to my art group yesterday, took everything except what I was going to paint......der, fortunately someone had a Wesson book and I opened the book at this still life, which is in oil. Quickly sketched it out with Indian ink and also applied a little here and there after the washes. I spent more time on it than I normally would on a picture, and I think it may be over worked. Done on Arches (rough) old Holland paints...and it's probably got a bit of everything I've got in my palette!Lol.

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