Can't notice the smudges - it all looks intended - probably helped to add to the realism of this lovely spontaneous piece.

This is really lovely, Fiona. I have also been catching up on some of your earlier work that I had missed. I guess it's the multi-posting brigade that causes one to miss another's work if your not on-line waiting. I love your pen and wash paintings, especially Clachtoll Broch.

O the joys of sketching outdoors! But you got a nice fresh result.

Lovely sketch Fiona

Well done, this is a super sketch and very authentic with the tiny traces of rain!

Really attractive pen and wash. Good on you for braving the weather!

Thanks everyone for your kind comments........and leniency, ref the smudges.lol! I did a couple more sketches through the rain from inside of the car, will try and posh them up a bit and post them.

Fiona, this is really, really lovely! It has great light and atmosphere and is beautifully composed. I really like your rendering of the bush on the left.

Fiona this is great! You have portrayed the strength of the mountain with a very light touch - very effective!

I only enjoy painting/sketching outdoors when I'm up in your neck of the woods as you don't get many people peering over your shoulder up there.LOL A super pen and wash that really catches the atmosphere of a showery day in the Highlands.

Thank you Seok, the bush on the left is a gorse bush and I have splashed a bit of cadmium yellow in to it but it doesn't show up very well on the screen. Thank you Jane and Val....I know what you mean Val about people peering over your shoulder, but you're right about it not being much of a problem up here!! Really appreciate yor comments.

I had to choose one of your mountains to thank you for your comment on my stuff Fiona. The quality of your work makes the compliment all the more precious.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen & wash of 'Canisp'. It was a fine day in the Highlands today so picked up my sketch book. Found a lovely spot to sketch 'Canisp', got the pen work done and had started on the first washes.......you got it.....the heavens opened, made a dash for the car with everything wet through!! I do apologise for the smudgy washes.

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