The Old Soldier's

The Old Soldier's

I think this has worked well Fiona, the tree looks very three dimentional with its light and shade.

What a great subject - foreground colour doesn't worry me - in fact it makes me think I should use more raw burnt sienna in my works - really well painted and another winner.

Lovely Fiona, the colour palette works really well and I think the burnt sienna adds to the whole composition.

Lovely picture Fiona -I particularly like the shadows -there's a lesson for me!! The burnt sienna in the foreground works really well for me.

What a lovely old abandoned cottage Fiona, I bet it has some stories it could tell. Like Stephen I love your three dimensional tree and the burnt sienna in the foreground is the perfect colour for dying bracken so works really well.

Just a thought - which I doubt I'd have had without your comment on the Burnt Sienna - if you were to strengthen that tree shadow at the left foreground, ie the one nearest to us, it might balance the strong tones on the right and add even more depth to what is already a very good painting. I don't think you need worry about using strong colour - you're using one of the best brands of watercolour, and it's natural that you'd want to take full advantage of them; but sometimes it's good to balance a really hot colour like Burnt Sienna with a cooler dark.

I like it Fiona, all of it.

Stephen, Michael, Christine, Carol and Val....thank you all very much for your comments, they are very much appreciated as I wasn't too sure about the strength of the burnt sienna I used in the foreground. If you think it looks okay I'm a little more satisfied with the whole. Robert, good thinking! That's a very good way to counter the intensity of the burnt sienna......'ll give it a go, thank you.

Many thanks Glennis, your remarks are always gratefully received. I hope your preparations for Christmas are all going to plan, my very best wishes to you and your family.

Fiona, You are producing some fine work at the moment. I think this is a good composition.. Winter trees are tricky and we all tend to over work them. Let me suggest Autumn trees as they lend themselves to warm pallets. Leave a few holes in them to show parts of the skeleton of the tree and I am sure you will e pleased with the result.

Very well painted, Fiona. I like it very much. I am just a little worried about those bushes at the base of the gable wall. Somehow they don't convey "bushiness". I think there should be shadow beneath them and the tops lightened where they are hit by the sun. Apart from that, well done!

Lovely colours and atmospheric too.

I love the shadows as well.I tried to paint like this,but they were not easy at all. It seems like limited colours, but you creat so many variations.

A lovely painting Fiona with beautiful colours and good atmosphere. I like the burnt sienna in the foreground- it's not too strong at all but Robert's suggestion is worth considering. He has got a very good eye for things like that. Happy Christmas to you!

Beautiful Fiona, love your colours.

I agree with all the comments. Lovely painting Fiona

John thank you very much for your advice and comment, I will try and remember and use your suggestion in my next attempt....thank you. Lionel, you've got me worried about those bushes at the lefthand gable, because they are supose to be stones....I've failed miserably there haven't I? Lol!

Sarah, Midori, Satu, Gudrun, Carole and always you are too generous, I'm very grateful thank you. X

Oh dear! I am sorry, Fiona. But at least I now know why they don't look "bushy". Mind you, it is a bit difficult viewing art work on the small screen. Can I feel another spell in the garage coming on?!

Don't you dare go anywhere near that garage, especially with your art materials.......keep painting Lionel....please!!!!!

beautiful work Fiona I have had a look at your other paintings they are exvcellent

Hang on Studio Wall

This is an old ruined croft near to where I live and is known locally as the old soldiers. It has a lovely peaceful atmosphere and something else that I can't describe........ I think I may have been a little heavy handed with the burnt sienna in the foreground, should have calmed it down, perhaps. Arches paper and Old Holland waterclours; U. marine, R. sienna, B. sienna, B. umber.

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