Cheers Louise!

Cheers Louise!

Brilliant Fiona says it all !!!!

No comment 😆

I see the G glass is empty and the Caramac's been scoffed, that's just the wrapper! I have rather a few days just like that too

Thanks girls....yes Louise everything is empty!!

That’s a cracker Fiona!😂

I haven't actually had a caramac for ages and yet interestingly recognised the wrapper straight away. Funny how we remember these things and yet not so funny to see how much all the chocolate bars have shrunk in size these days. Hope you're over the portrait episode and apologies Fiona if I went on rather a lot about it. That's because I could sympathise having trouble myself with the self portraits. I love your humour here and the glass is well painted. Those dry brush strokes look good. Also, that section of blue with the added black fine lines contrast well against the yellows, ..Had to comment :)

shock and awe sums it up Fiona, having just come back to the world of the gallery this is not the Fiona I had come to know and expect, great stuff.

You say no comment but this one has grabbed my attention and wanted to know more about it

Just commented now as this had me stumped, until I’ve read the comments. You have a great sense of humour and originality, very prized qualities. This is brilliant Louise.

Yes indeed Carolyn......thank you. I hadn’t seen caramac for ages or even tasted it for many years either Louise......I’m a dark chocolate fan.....but I picked a couple of very small bars up at the supermarket. Don’t hurry out to relive that wonderful taste, nothing like how I remember it tasting. In fact, quite bland.....not that I’m an expert....Spuggs quite liked it though! Thanks to you I’m over the portrait episode, in fact this is painted on the reverse of try number five, I think, good therapy! Lol Thanks very much Louise x Malcolm thank you, yes my work seems to be changing all the time, I struggle to keep up with it sometimes. Thank you Thanks very much Diana, it’s really a salute to Louise from my previous painting.

Carole, thank you for your kind words, it’s to do with the discussion on my last posting that Louise and I had about painting a self portrait. Thanks again.

I remember this. I thought Crunchies were quite nice like Frosties. Too sweet now.

I've not been on here for a while so I'm assuming a self portrait attempt didn't quite go as planned? :D But a good book, a glass of gin and a chocolate bar (galaxy in my case) would serve perfectly as a self portrait for me!!! :)

I agree Gudrun, I couldn’t eat any of the cereals that are on offer these days, far too sweet, I’ll stick to my porridge and fruit. Thank you. Keith you would be correct in your thinking ref the selfie, very difficult I found. Yep, I’m much happier with the choc/Gin/ good book alternative. Thanks very much .

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