Dreich Day!!

Dreich Day!!

Looks good to me Fiona,

Great effect Fiona. Looks like you have purple hydrangeas. Imaginative process which has produced a nice painting. Your stonework is always perfect.


Total new, Fiona, but interesting painting and clever technique with good result. Lovely colours too.

I must have a go this looks great.

A super painting Fiona, it sounds too complicated a procedure to me!

Thanks David, I'm sure I can do better but I'll have to practice a bit more. It's the effect I like Mick, I think used on the right subject material though, and I don't think this little scene is really. Thanks very much. Thanks Kirstie and Cesare! You'll like this Sylvia, especially as you don't know what it's going to look like until you get the ink off. I think with the right choice of subject it will look terrific. I thought that Margaret but it isn't really, although it's a bit messy. Thanks for your comment.

Very interesting technique and a great result Fiona, lovely work

G'day Fiona , this appears to be a reverse variant of the gouache/ink technique where the first stage is to produce the black outlines and then put colour to it. This is a technique I like to use except that I have used the gum arabic instead of the gouache - easier to use , better control. I like your effect and think it works very well. cheers from New Zealand, Mike Capenerhurst

Not used by me although I am always looking for something new - will give it a try sometime and only hope it turns half as good as this.

Very effective I like this well done Fiona.

Great colours

Thanks Petra! G'day Mike...thanks very much for your feedback appreciate it. It was seeing your paintings that jogged my memory of a friend suggesting I give this a go. She uses oil pastels as well as gouache, I don't have either of those to hand so I thought acrylic would do a similar job, as long as it's a resist to the ink it should work? needs lots of refining but I don't think it will be the last....I need to replenish my ink supply first. Give it a try Michael, I know you would do something marvellous with it!

Thanks Carole, Pete for your lovely comments.

Love your palette, Fiona. Mixed medium is not easy, is it! Your method sounds too much for me. Well done. - for braving the winds as well as the painting!

However you did it it is full of life. I canteen the wind tugging at the bushes! It wet here. I can't claim to have done any chores, or art ...

blimey is their no end to this girls talent .this is so different ,bold and inventive lovely great technique Fiona.

You're right it isn't Jennifer, I like the trying though. Thank you. Thanks Gudrun, it's a bit messy but I do like the effect. Lol...I think I might have peaked, on the talent front David, thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment. X

Well, that's interesting Fiona! Never heard of the technique but the result looks amazing. Do to mean a liquid Indian ink? Will it have to dry before washing off?

Thanks Satu! Yes it's the liquid Indian ink, I suppose any permanent ink will do the trick really, and yes let it dry then wash or wipe off depending on the support you do it on. I did this on canvas and didn't want to wet it too much so I did it with a damp cloth until all the excess ink was removed. I'm going to have another go at it tomorrow but use watercolour paper see how that works out. I might have to stretch the paper whilst it's damp after wiping the ink off, so it doesn't buckle. I'll post and give the info on the description write up, if it works okay or not. I might try and incorporate it into a abstract for your challenge.....yikes!!lol

Thanks Fiona! Waiting for your abstract now.

Very effective Fiona. The paintings certainly not Dreich!

Thanks again Pete!!

Hang on Studio Wall

15" x 8" mixed media on canvas. I've been wanting to have a go at this technique for a while and thought today was a perfect day......50mph winds and lots of rain! Chores done and paints out. I did a pen & wash sketch of this scene from the patio window then did a rough knife painting with acrylics on to canvas. When dry, I brushed Indian ink over the whole thing, and when it was dry I washed off the ink. Not brilliant but it's a start!

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