Such vitality..... beautiful.

Great depth, lovely colours and it just says enough. Love it, Fiona!

Wondered where you'd got to Fiona. I really am being converted to this looser style when I see such an impressive painting as this. It really is great and so alive.

Excellent stuff Fiona. Has the feel of Blockley about it. best Mick

Nice one Fiona. Maybe you have taken my advice "less is more". Nice clean washes. Looking forward to the next one

Nice loose watercolour,Fiona, lovely delicate shades. Simple and effective.

Nice and loose, love the trees in the foreground.

Beautiful colours and loose washes :)

Lovely work again Fiona.You're on a roll !! Would you mind posting the name of that company you use for your sketchbooks again.I know you told me on another painting but can't find it !! thanks

Many, many thanks everyone, as always, your comments are very much appreciated and gratefully received. Robert I think you will be disapponted with my next one....I fiddled!!Lol

Hi Larry, go into ebay type in 'leather journal' and look for the one that is sold by 'The Diary Shop', click it open and it will give their full range. The type of paper is 'okra cotton rag', good luck and happy hunting. Let me know if you have any problems. Thanks for your comment Larry.

I do like the dense feeling of the trees and undergrowth in this painting, Fiona. The paintings has a lot of interest with all your dynamic brush strokes and strong darks and, as usual, your limited palette adds a lot of impact. Great work.

Really impressive gallery - you obviously enjoy watercolours and use them to great effect.

I love your contrasts with those dark foreground trees Fiona.

It has all been said Fiona, another lovely painting

Wonderful limited palette. Great depth. It really brings out the trees in the foreground.

very lovely colours, and i like the looseness of it, i almost expect to see hedgehogs and a deer jumping out :-)

Very good, like the strong marks against the soft colours. This is one of your own, I think, all the way through - ie not based on a Wesson or a Hall? By the way, I've answered your question to the best of my poor ability on the gallery post on which you asked it.

Thank you Thea, it came from in my head somewhere, in response to a comment that Robert Jones made on my last posting about getting out and about and looking at hedgerows. Thank you Linda for your comment....like watercolours? They drive me round he bend actually, but I keep coming back for more, they get you like that don''t they.

Many thanks Carole, Glennis, Pat and Rebecca or your kind comments.

Thank you Robert, I was hoping you may see this, as it's a result of the remark you left on my last posting regarding getting myself out and looking at hedgerows etc. Thank you for your reply to my oil question, off now to have a look. Thanks again Robert.

A really stunning piece, Fiona! I love the layers you created with such a limited palette. Been away, so will catch up on the backlog over the next few days.

Lovely painting, very nice colours Fiona

Thank you very much Seok and Petra for your lovely comments.

Lovely loose painting Fiona.

Congratulations Fiona :-) on this painting being chosen for one of the most viewed paintings in September :-)

Thank you very much Rebecca, that's very kind of you.

Absolutely superb, best ever, faultless... and you think you can't paint!

Hang on Studio Wall

Okra cotton rag paper and Old Holland watercolours.

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