Billy ......weathervane.....scrap art?

Billy ......weathervane.....scrap art?

I’ve just noticed that there is a buzzard in the sky behind Billy.

Highly imaginative and well done Fiona. I like Billy..(-:

It’s art but it’s not painting....but it would do us no harm to make an exception once in a while!

Very innovative of you Fiona. Looks great.

Imaginative and interesting Fiona, great idea I love it!

I love sculpture Fiona. Yes this is most definitely ART.

Is there no end to her talents!

Wow, Fiona. This definitely is art!

Wow that's great Fiona, I love it definitely art and I can see the buzzard in the distance if you zoom in 👍🦅🦅🦅

Thank you all for your comments and support, glad you like Billy. I agree it isn’t painting, my apologies.

This is amazing Fiona. Is there anything you can't turn into art?!?!

Billy is a cracker Fiona, I love scrap metal art.

Yes Carol, PAINT! Lol. Thank you for your very kind words. Me too,Val, I’ve got one or two bits I’ve cobbled together around the garden. Thank you.

This is fun, Fiona, and very creative, bet it looks good in motion!

He fair wizzes round when the wind blows Thank you very much for your comment.

Brilliant, great idea, cutting edge...Love it.

Fred, thank you!

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Is it art? Billy has a two foot wingspan and is about the same, beak to tail. I made him out of rusty barbed wire, a pair of old rusty tin snips and lots of cut and shaped metal strapping. Held together by welds, rivets and a prayer. The attached copper pipe fits over the spike which enables Billy to swing round with the wind. Mounted on top of a 10 foot obelisk. I leave making this kind of thing until the summer months , too cold working with metal in the winter, I might lose a finger....or two! Lol

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