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I've commented on the forum Fiona, this is a pretty good effort so well done.

This is very good, Fiona, considering the very difficult challenge. I still am struggling about what technique to use. I also was thinking about a black and white 'something'!!!!

Like it - lots of atmosphere

Nice work Fiona. I also did a black and white and decided against.

I like this a lot Fiona! Not sure why you don't think this is reasonable - I think it works beautifully - I like the monochrome pen and wash. I actually hadn't known there were Forum challenges (I've been on POL since the summer, so don't know how I've missed them - whoops - might have a go)

Wow this is a super different take on it. It's great.

Nothing wrong with this cabin, I like the misty background,and the ink washes and energetic brushstrokes.

Thanks Alan. Yes I suppose we were given the choice of how we could individually interpret the scene but I wanted to try copying some point. The next one will be trees, cabin and snow...but not necessarily in that order! Lol Thank you Mia, your wonderful pen and wash style should be perfect for this subject. Or, you could do something completely different! Thank you Rachel! Let’s see it Jim, bet it looks great. Margaret thank you. This is the first challenge, it’s a new initiative on the forum for the month of January. Give it a go! Thank you Jenny. Thank you Annick, it was frustrating, it looks easy.

Looks good to me Fiona, spontaneous and good tones.

I find it is good, Fiona.

Like the black and white, Fiona, it's a bold image. (Everyone's really getting into this POL challenge - must give it a go!)

I think it's great, Fiona! Terrific.

Your lovely free and flowing style Fiona. I haven’t had time to do this challenge but my thoughts were running along these lines.

Nice one Fionna, I love the little flicks that put life in to the picture. Steve

I think it's a decent interpretation; I'd be happy with it if I'd produced it

Very effective Fiona.

That's dramatic Fiona, it looks abandoned and complety different from the challenge painting, it's good to make it your own, we all see things so differently and that's the fun of painting, I love these challenges, can't wait to get the paints out again, just not had time these last couple of weeks 😀

This works very well I think - like the ink work.

Thanks very much Carole! Mike, click on menu, then art community, then forum, then latest. Scroll down for up to date threads and topics or go into specific mediums.

Many thanks Cesare. I prefer the black and white Jenny, yes you would make a lovely scene with your stylised style. Thanks Jennifer! Hi Sylvia, would be great if you could squeeze five minutes in to do one of your wonderful free and spontaneous sketches. I know you’re not keen on the subject but I’m sure you could do a belter! Thank you x Thank you very much Steve! Thanks Alan, very kind. Thank you Sandra, much appreciated. Linda it will still be there when everything has calmed down again, look forward to seeing your interpretation. I’m going to have a few more goes, you know me when I get into a subject, lol Many thanks Maureen!

Thanks Dennis! Now you are the perfect person to make this subject look un-twee, with your brilliant style Dennis.

Thanks for the info , Fiona , have to confess that I haven't browsed through any of this material before but will endeavour to correct that now I am retired and have all this extra time - yeah right.

You always manage to create just the right atmosphere with your paintings Fiona, and this is no exception. Great use of contrast too. :)

If it looks wintry, which it does, then it is good !

Thank you very much Keith and Richard, you are both very kind.

Atmospheric Fiona....Brill..

Well done Fiona. This is really good! I saw the challenge and wasn't very inspired by the subject but you've added so much in your own way. Having seen this and all the other good paintings, I'm a little more tempted to give it a try but now, because I'm not keen on the actual challenge itself, I'm thinking little sparrows, marshmallow pink snow and cold looking artists painting the, only

That, Louise, does sound like a challenge! Go for it! I especially like the sound of Turkish delight or marshmallow pink sparrows, cold looking artists wrapped up in colourful hats and scarves.....the ones they have all had for Christmas.....painting the cabin. It would be the best cabin in the woods yet! I’m suppose to be having a go at it in oils but the spark is dying fast on that idea I’m my turkish delights mixed up with marshmallows and I haven't touched a drop! Because I wasn't keen on the actual challenge, I thought sad artists' faces as well but to make fun of it might not be appreciated by whoever came up with the challenge which I'm just not keen on. I prefer 'words' challenges which are much more fun. I might try a more abstract one but no Spuggs. He's not keen either!

I see what you mean about adding humour to it....perhaps that’s the best way forward with a challenge that has no inspiration, which many have voiced. Like you, I prefer a verbal challenge, that way you are not constricted by a visual image, which I find I am. When Spuggs saw my efforts she laughed that much she fell off the perch! Lol You’ve given me a push to try another go at it Louise with this conversation, see what I can come up with tomorrow. I haven’t done anything since before Christmas and that’s not like me. I thought I might join Margaret N with her daily sketching challenge but I know myself too well and I won’t do it for long. I treated myself to a lovely hardback watercolour sketchbook with the idea of doing at least a watercolour sketch a week, with the amount of pages, that would make it a years worth of sketches. I’ve two days left of the first week....will I make it....Ha!

Hang on Studio Wall

Indian ink on Jackson’s rough. I had three attempts at this challenge....the pen and wash is in the bin, the soft pastel won’t be long behind it and this is the third attempt. Didn’t enjoy it one bit. I’ve left a few words on the forum and also posted the pastel effort. I will have another go though....not stopping until I’ve done something hard can it be?! It looks easy.....

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